June 12, 2020

Some friendships are tested by time; others, by ridiculous amounts of wine. Either way, whoever has a real BFF in their corner should consider themselves lucky. These days, when likes and follows do not make for genuine relationships, a BFF is truly a blessing. And a drunk-ish bestie?

Twice the fun! 

However you and your girl(s) roll, whether ladies night was a thing of the past before you transformed from a bodycon-wearing miss to the real housewife or whether Wednesday night is tequila night or else you simply can’t get through the week, drinks strengthen friendships. After all, you never truly get to know someone until you get really drunk together. That’s a fact.

Another fact: someone who knows how to help you loosen up and revive the fun girl buried under heaps of laundry, diapers, homework, and a whole lot of adulting concepts is a real keeper. If she instinctively knows your system needs a glass of wine or something stronger on the rocks, that’s a girlfriend you want to hang on to for life.

So if you have that kind of friend, flex how well you know her too and surprise her with your impressive gift-giving talent. There’s no need for a special occasion or an epic reason to do so other than reminding your BFF that her friendship is appreciated—and yes, you don’t mind when she downs her fair share of cold ones too.

Here are 4 gift ideas to surprise your BFF with.

#1 Cotton hand & dish towel with funny, tongue-in-cheek print

funny, tongue-in-cheek wine drinking

Hand and dish towels are not just kitchen essentials for drying hands, dishes, and glassware. They also make awesome home decors. Choose a  funny 100% cotton flour sack towel for your BFF, and she will love its soft, super-absorbent qualities. 

Towels with printed tongue-in-cheek and inappropriate AF humor never go out of style. They are great conversation starters, perfect for friends who don’t hold anything back for a good laugh.

#2 Tea

hot tea with spices

We’ll never question the efficacy of coffee for hangovers, but we’re happy to explore tea. Your best friend will be too, because tea has way too many benefits to ignore. Drinking 3 to 4 cups of tea a day lessens the chances of a heart disease and helps fight cancer. Force your friend to start healthy habits now!

#3 Succulents

So BFF is not a green thumb? Gift her a beautiful succulent and see if that will change. Succulents instantly upgrade a space and they thrive indoors with little effort. A minimalist Scandinavian-inspired apartment or a cluttered room can definitely use a touch of green.

#4 Automatic Handbag Illuminator

woman searching handbag

Let’s admit it, ladies: our bags have a tendency to look like a pile of mess no matter the life hacks we try. When it contains survival items for the day, it’s no surprise at all. You and your BFF might have heard, and even tried, a life-changing invention called a bag organizer but were still sorely disappointed in the end. 

If that’s the case, an automatic handbag illuminator will be a godsend. Your partner in crime will love rummaging through a well-lit bag. Mints, keys, spare change will be easier to find, especially under less-than-desirable lighting conditions in watering holes. Why didn’t any of us think of this game changer sooner?

Cheers to beautiful friendships!


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