December 15, 2020

What are the best kitchen gadgets and utensils that you swear by? You’ll most likely agree that a dreamy kitchen is not all about style. Even the most picture-perfect kitchen space can be a turn-off if it’s not functional and efficient. Unless, of course, it’s a showroom. 

Style and functionality go hand-in-hand in creating the perfect kitchen at home. Whether you cook for yourself or for a whole family, the best kitchen gadgets and tools make life easier and routines manageable. Some even make cooking and/or baking fun. 

Size doesn’t matter too. A kitchen may be full of big ticket items or small kitchen appliances, but what matters is how efficient a job those gadgets and utensils can do for you and your family. Everything from hand and dish towels, knives, multi-cookers, to dishwashers should help you manage the busiest spot in the house: the kitchen.

So as we finish off the year and welcome a new one, we thought of rounding off the best kitchen gadgets and utensils. If these items are missing from your kitchen, come 2021, we hope you start checking them off from this worthy kitchen bucket list. 


Why you need a juicer in your life is a no-brainer, but of the multitude reasons why you need one, it all boils down to two things: health and convenience. If you don’t have one yet, do yourself a favor and get a juicer now.

Fruits and veggies are great for the body, but sometimes prepping and/or cooking them can be a chore, especially when you’re busy juggling different roles at the same time. With a juicer, however, you simply dump your fruits or veggies inside and let the juicer do the work for you. In a minute or so, your healthy fruit or veggie serving is ready.

The convenience is a big advantage. So is the fact that juices are easier on the digestive tract and a huge help in weight management programs. No wonder many health and fitness enthusiasts don’t want to live without their juicers.


Meat and poultry must be cooked to a safe temperature to eliminate harmful microorganisms. That’s why a trusty digital thermometer is a kitchen essential. You may poke your meat with a fork to see if it’s tender enough or simply look at its color to know if it’s cooked, but according to experts, both are unreliable ways of cooking meat and poultry to perfection. 

With a digital thermometer, you may cook meat to the tenderness or “doneness” that you desire, something you can’t do just by looking.



We find it hard to believe that there was once a world where multi-cookers didn’t exist. That’s how much we’ve come to rely on our reliable multi-cookers. Many cooking routines are now built around this kitchen hard-worker because of how easy they are to use and how efficient they make our lives. 

Multi-cookers, like the Instant Pot Smart Wifi 6-Quart, reduces cooking time significantly, is a healthy cooking alternative, and most of all, programmable so that you may control it straight from your mobile phone. Now you don’t have to be in the kitchen to cook. How fantastic is that? 

So what can a multi-cooker do for you? It’s a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, searing, cake maker, and warmer in one. Talk about a space-saving kitchen appliance and real value for your money. 


The best cutting board makes a huge difference in the kitchen. Chances are, you’ll be reaching for your knives and cutting one thing or another on a daily basis. To protect your counter and yourself, you want a cutting board that stays in place, like an OXO Good Grips.

Now, plastic or wood? Plastic boards are more versatile and hygienic, thanks to its nonporous property. When cutting meat, for instance, you definitely want a plastic board because it’s easier to clean so the smell doesn't stick and there is less likelihood of cross-contamination.


stainless steel bowl

Lightweight, durable, and inexpensiveーstainless steel mixing bowls are present in every professional kitchen. It should be a staple in yours too, because no matter your cooking or baking expertise, or lack thereof, you will, most assuredly, need a mixing bowl. 

Don’t bother with bowls that will easily chip or break. If you have chipped ones or ones deformed by heat, get rid of them immediately as they may be health hazards. Get a nesting set of stainless steel mixing bowls with lids. Sets are easier to store away when not in use and air-tight plastic lids help protect and preserve your food.   


A simple grill cleaning after every use is important to keep your grill in tip-top shape. A handy grill cleaning brush, like the Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush, is a must to scrub and steam away hardened food, grease, and other residue that affect the flavor of your grilled food.


cast iron skillet

If you think cast iron pots and pans are only good for outdoorsy or country type of setting, you couldn’t be more wrong. Cast iron pots and pans are some of the most versatile and durable in the market that many metropolitan households and restaurants consider them must-have kitchen pieces.

More importantly, because cast iron pots and pans are made from natural materialsーnamely, oil and ironーyou won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaking to your food. And did we say these cooking tools are extremely durable? Take care of them and they will last twenty to twenty-five years or perhaps even more.


So you’re not exactly a green thumb. No worries. With a smart kitchen planter, growing herbs in your kitchen is possible and easy. 

Innovation has allowed for herbs to take care of itself in a smart indoor garden setting. You calibrate your smart planter based on specific manufacturer’s instructions, leave  your herbs (or any plant that thrives indoors) alone, and enjoy greens all year long.

COFFEE MAKERfrench press 

Percolator, french press, or cold brew coffee maker? It’s really up to you, but having a coffee maker at home will save you lots of money in the long run, not to mention precious time. 

If you’re serious about your coffee, it’s better to invest in a good coffee maker that has the features you need, the flexibility you want to explore different coffee tastes, and of course, the durability to last a long, long time.  

Good models do not come cheap, but a coffee maker is one kitchen essential that is worth investing in. After all, you probably can’t function right without a cup or two of good-tasting coffee. Let’s just say, you deserve the treat.


salad spinner

If you’re still drying your greens the old-fashioned way, it’s high time you experience the convenience of a salad spinner or a salad tosser. Many people think it’s a frivolous piece of kitchen appliance, but hold off your judgment until you try it for yourself. 

Although on the bulky side, a salad spinner is worth every inch it occupies in your kitchen. No longer will you have to wait for rinsed veggies and herbs to dry off completely. Dry greens make better-tasting salads because they don’t dilute the salad’s dressing. They stay fresh longer too.     

These are the kitchen gadgets and utensils that we can’t live without.  They are life-changing and we love using them at home. You will love them too, so go ahead and grab any (or all!) of them and prepare to be wowed.

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