December 21, 2020

Are you getting ready to ring in the new year? The year 2020 has been quite a wild ride, and like us, you’re most probably more than ready to see what’s in store for you come 2021. But first, how do you welcome the new year with a bang while following health protocols? 

We’re expected to celebrate NYE responsibly. That means social distancing, wearing face masks, and keeping the number of guests to a minimum especially in closed settings. Gathering and celebrating outdoors is ideal so that there is proper air ventilation and more space to social distance; however, that may not be possible in heavily snowed-in areas. So what to do?

Here are awesome New Year’s Eve party planning ideas to help you welcome the year. Whether you’ll be celebrating with family and friends online, partying with a handful of friends, or welcoming the new year with your immediate family members, we’ve got you covered from food and drinks, house and party decors, and party games and entertainment. 

Any of these ingenious ideas will help you create the perfect NYE party, but of course, throw in your own twists to make the party a unique reflection of you and what you love and enjoy.


Hanging festive wall art is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for NYE. Affordable, easy to style, and easy to maintain, decorative wooden signs are always on point. In the hallway, for instance, hang a couple or more wall decors all about the holidays to get family members and guests feel the holiday vibes in your house the moment they walk through your door.

The kitchen is also another perfect location for a wooden wall art. Hang it up a wall or prop it up on the counter to sprinkle love, light, and good cheer throughout the holidays and the year to come. 


countdown clock to new year

What is a NYE party without the traditional countdown to the new year? Count every minute or every second with a humongous wall clock backdrop. It’s an insta-perfect must-have. Sure, you can go with a regular wall clock or timer, but this is a one-in-a-year event, why not go big? Also we’re saying goodbye and good riddance to 2020. That alone is a big reason for an all-out celebration. Five, four, three, two, one! 


Are new year’s resolutions outdated? How about new year’s wishes?

Welcome 2021 with a heart full of positivity, hope, courage, and determination by writing new year’s resolutions or new year’s wishes. Use a big-enough mason jar to serve as your container and write to your heart’s content.



Take lots of photos, you guys! It’s okay to look silly and be silly. You’re welcoming a new year, so shake off all the bad vibrations in your life, don a silly hat and colorful accessories, and pose in front of the camera. That’s you looking awesome as you embrace the magic of the new year. 

A photo booth with loads of props and accessories is always a good idea. You want to immortalize this moment in time, so you can look at photos of yourself and your family and friends and know you’ve come far. Aninstant camera is great to have around no matter the time of the year. 


Nobody loves the holiday season more than kids do, so celebrating most, if not all, of this year’s major holidays with tons of restrictions is understandably quite a bummer from a kid’s perspective. 

Well, don’t let Covid-19 bring your child’s celebratory spirit. Go all-out on your celebration at home, even if it’s just the immediate family. Before then, DIY party essentials like princess crowns for your little princess, confetti poppers, and wall backdrop.

Think of creative activities that your child or children can focus on. Do this activity with them and see how that instantly changes everything. After all, they may not say it to your face but it’s your presence and love that count most for kids.


So you’re not heading to Times Square this NYE. As long as there is free-flowing champagne at home一or least more than enough for the party and the after-party, which is also at home come to think of it一you’ll be more than fine. 

Grab your bar cart and glam it up with Christmas lights or fairy lights and stock it up with your champagne of choice. Roll it out when getting ready to toast the new year. 

If it’s a fuller bar you want, you may need something bigger than a rolling cart. Set it up near the party area, deck it with lights, and last but not the least, display the star of the bar, your favorite drinks. Salut!


What’s the best form of entertainment on New Year’s Eve? Games! That’s right. Get ready for game night. 

End-of-the-year charades, bring me, two resolutions and a lie are just a few games to enjoy.  


Much like a champagne bar, a dessert station should never be missing on NYE. Whether you have kids who want seconds or thirds of your yummy desserts or it’s just you and your insatiable sweet tooth, a dessert station keeps a party happy and joyous.

Chocolate pecan fondue, pineapple and macadamia nut cake, chocolate-strawberry cake are just a few of our all-time favorites. You may also search for the recipes ofother delectable desserts for New Year’s Eve party on the internet. Or make the best version of molten chocolate cake with crushed candy cane on top that you can come up with.    


Don't’ forget to dress to the nines or something along those lines. What we wear drastically affects our mood and, ultimately, how our day turns out. With that said, dress up nicely even if you’re going nowhere but to your dining room. 

We hope you welcome 2021 in good spirits and say goodbye to the year that was with gratitude in your heart. Have a blast celebrating and we truly wish you and yours good cheer the whole year through. Happy New Year!

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