December 08, 2020

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

In the lane, snow is glistening

A beautiful sight

We’re happy tonight. 

Walking in winter wonderland.

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year once again. Can you smell it in the air? Christmas is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s like the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel that we’ve all been waiting for. 

We’re excited to wrap presents and give them to family and friends too. How about you? Have you completed, or at least started, your Christmas shopping? If you haven’t done either, we strongly suggest you step up your game. 

Last-minute shopping is always stressful, especially during the Christmas season, so we want to avoid that as much as possible. We want to avoid big crowds too because, unfortunately, Covid19 is also still in the air (no pun intended).

CDC strongly recommends staying indoors and leaving the house only when necessary. Masks are still considered essentials as well as frequent hand-washing and social-distancing. Those considered high risk are advised to stay indoors.

However, we think Christmas is a legitimate reason to go out shopping, especially this year! Some plans and goals were put on hold because of the pandemic, but Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself, your family, and your friends. There’s no way we will miss Christmas gift-giving. 

However, there are smart ways to check every item off your shopping list without putting yourself and your loved ones in danger. For instance, you may want to skip the crowded malls and shop online instead. If not, shop before the stores get super crowded.

It’s also helpful to have a shopping list prepared ahead of time, so you don’t forget things and make subsequent trips to the mall. If you need help in this area, especially when deciding what to get for your parents, worry no more. Below are Christmas gift ideas just for them. 

As much as possible, we narrowed down our list to pieces that are both functional and stylish. We want to wow our parents, and at the same time, we want our gifts to make their everyday lives easier. That’s the goal. Let us know which gift or gifts you end up getting for your mom and dad.

Happy holidays!


When we say personal, functional, and stylish, kitchen towels instantly come to mind. Every mother knows that dish and hand kitchen towels are essential pieces at home. Whether your mom is a master chef or trying to be one or whether she bakes like nobody’s business, she needs super-absorbent kitchen towels. 

So this Christmas, replace your mama’s worn-out ones and get her not one or two but a whole bunch of cotton towels.


mother and daughter baking together

A personalized apron will go well with fresh hand and dish kitchen towels. Get your mama one that has a funny quote or one that has her name or her initials.


If a personalized apron won’t get your daddy excited, for sure a super plush robe will. There’s nothing like slipping into a warm, comfortable, and soft robe when you greet the morning with a warm cup of espresso in hand.

Take it a step further and get your dad’s get monogrammed for that nice personal touch.


Man sleeping with weighted blanket

According to Forbes, “Weighted blankets are relatively unique in that instead of being filled with cotton or down, they contain materials like beads, discs or pellets made of polyfill or glass. This weight is evenly distributed across the body for a feeling of being gently hugged.

As a result, sleepers may feel more relaxed, and weighted blankets have even been shown to reduce stress. The deep touch pressure offered by the blanket is supposed to make you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.”

If that doesn’t convince you to give your mom and your dad weighted blankets, nothing probably will. Forbes’s description is spot-on.


Help your parents chill and relax at home with a portable neck and shoulder massage pillow. 

Thankfully, there’s no need for them to go out for a massage anymore. With a neck and shoulder massager, they can have their knots kneaded and their stress melted away right from  the comforts of their house.


How many cups of coffee have gone cold because mom and/or dad got extra busy with chores and forgot about their caffeine? Yup, probably too many to count. The good news is, thanks to smart mugs, cold cups of coffee is a thing of the past.

Some smart mugs cool down liquids to drinking temperature while others keep them warm throughout the day. Read labels and descriptions carefully and consider what will work best for your parents before purchasing this Christmas gift idea.


espresso machine

Do your parents spend on Starbucks coffee regularly? If you answered yes, then an espresso machine is the perfect Christmas gift for them. It will let them save money in the long run, and it’s the perfect toy to play barista at home.


Instant Pot cookingThe Instant Pot is popular for good reason. It’s the perfect multifunctional device that your parents need in the kitchen. Sure, your mom probably cooks better than anybody you know or your dad is truly something else in the kitchen, but you don’t expect them to be in the mood or have enough time to prep meals, right?

Gifting them an Instant Pot is like gifting them convenience. Who doesn’t want that? 


Too many charging cords or wires can look unsightly. Hence, the multidevice wireless charger. It usually comes in a sleek design and charges more than one device, which is a plus if mom and dad both need to charge their gadgets at the same time. Most wireless charge stations also provide fast-charging speed, a definite advantage.


snack board

Surprise your parents with a smorgasbord of bite-sized snacks and a bottle of wine. A snack board or a charcuterie may be customized according to your parents’ taste and/or diet. However, snack boards usually include seasonal fruits, vegetables like carrots, celery, and cucumber slices, cheeses, crackers, cold cuts, and dips. All These delish snacks go well with a bottle of wine.


Christmas may not be the barbecue season, but with an indoor smokeless grill, your parents can enjoy the tastes of summer even in the middle of winter. Since this is a portable grill, they may use it inside their RV too or when they are camping outdoors.

Whatever gift you choose for your Mom or Dad, make sure to add a special message to express your love and appreciation for them this holiday season.

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