November 10, 2020

If there’s one thing better than holiday cookies, it’s got to be baking them yourself. Baking holiday treats with mom or dad or both is one of the best childhood experiences any kid can have. So make the most of the season and have a fun baking session with your kids. 

A word to the wise though: baking with kids can get messy and can take longer than the usual, but it’s guaranteed to be worth every minute. Take it from one of our favorite kitchen hand towels, “A messy kitchen is a sign of a happy family.” 

Besides, kids easily get the hang of things. Before you know it, they won’t be interested in your baking lessons anymore or they’ll be baking on their own. Before that happens, seize the day and make beautiful memories together with your family.

holiday cookies

Baking is an excellent family bonding activity, one that you can make a yearly tradition. Home-baked treats are awesome holiday gifts too. Place them in cute boxes or baskets and surprise family and friends with them. 

Just remember to have enough kitchen towels within your reach when you’re in the kitchen with kids. You never know what will get spilled on counters or the floor. Moms can easily get worked up during busy holiday preparations. 

Hence, before initiating a kitchen project with kids, it’s a good idea to condition yourself that things can get wrong, but that’s okay. That’s part of the experience that you will reminisce and miss later on. 

Back to our cookie project, with all the options out there, what are some that you may suggest to your kids? We listed kid-friendly holiday cookie recipes that you should try out. These are tried and tested favorites that we know your kids will love too. The list includes chocolate crinkles, gingerbread cookies, eggnog cookies, and many more. 

Have fun baking!


Candy cane cookies are a staple in many homes during the Christmas season. Some color theirs red and white while others go for green and white or green and red. In any case, not only is this type of cookie super delicious, it is also fun and easy to make一perfect for your  little helpers.

Let your kids add a drop or two of food color into the dough, which you should then divide, roll on top of a clean flat surface to form a rope, twist together, and then bake. Easy peasy.  


Gingerbread cookie

Traditional gingerbread cookies
 might be too spicy for some kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option for the holidays. Depending on your taste and that of your family members, use ingredients like honey and sugar to lessen the spicy flavor. 


One of the easiest recipes to do this Christmas season is the no-bake cocoa coconut balls. Kids enjoy rolling the dough into balls, but before you let them do so, chill your dough in the refrigerator. You want it sticky but not too sticky so it’s easy to form into balls. Once they are shaped, roll them in coconut and you’re done.


chocolate chip cookies tied up in ribbon

Christmas or not, chocolate chip cookies
 are well-loved by kids and adults. This season, however, make yours look yummier and more Christmasy by coating your cookies with melted white chocolate topped with different-colored sprinkles.

Another great version that you can do for variety is the chocolate-topped chip cookie, which is basically the same cookie topped with a sweet chocolate frosting with sprinkles or candies. Yum!  


Who wants a simple, soft, and chewy cookie with a light spicy flavor? If you do, then molasses cookies are for you. This type of cookie is easy to make. It doesn’t require any rolling and any frosted toppings. Also, freeze your unbaked cookie dough and it stays good for up to three months. How awesome is that?  


crinkle cut cookies

Another Christmas cookie favorite is the rich and decadent chocolate crinkle cookies
. Like fudgy brownies, the chocolate crinkle cookie has thick and soft centers but has crackly or crumby edges. They melt in your mouth when eaten warm. No wonder kids can’t get enough of them.


Peanut butter cookies rank way up our favorite cookie list and for good reason. They are delicious, chewy, soft, and easy to make. If you want them crunchy, use peanut butter brands with peanut chunks.  


snowflake cookies

No two snowflake cookies
 are ever the same. That’s because you and your kids can get as creative as you want when decorating your snowflake cookies. There are lots of snowflake cookie cutters that you can use for variety, and as usual, use different food colors to make your frosting pop. Kids just love these beautifully shaped cookies.


Your Christmas dessert tray (or table!) shouldn’t miss the distinct flavor of the eggnog. Hence, an eggnog cookie is a must-have. There are many versions of this simple cookie, but we prefer using store-bought eggnog. We love to drizzle icing over our eggnog cookies too to add visual interest to our dessert presentation. 


red velvet santa cookies

If you’re a fan of the red velvet cake, you’ll surely love the red velvet sandwich cookie 
一we know we do! Its signature vibrant red color, creamy cheese filling, and chewy cookie makes the red velvet a favorite all year round. 


M&M cookies are easy to make from scratch and also very versatile in terms of additions and substitutions. For instance, you may add chopped nuts, butterscotch chips, or peanut butter chips to the original recipe. It’s all guaranteed to give you mouth-watering, yummy cookies that everyone will love. 


snowman cookies

What’s a Christmas dessert tray without holiday snowman cookies?
 Kids love to decorate snowman cookies with a glaze of powdered sugar icing, chocolate chip eyes and buttons, and whatever tickles their imagination.


Like the holiday snowman and candy cane cookies, candy tree cutout cookies are a must-have during the Christmas season. Almost too adorable to eat, kids cannot get enough decorating tree cutouts. The more creative and colorful the trees are, the better they will look on your dessert tray.

That’s a lot of cookie options for you and your family. Everyone is guaranteed to be kid-friendly, easy to make, and yummy. Just the way we want our cookies.

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