July 06, 2020

For someone who loves to cook, there is no greater joy than walking into a neat pantry and seeing all your favorite herbs and spices organized to perfection. It does not matter whether you have a big or small pantry space to fill in. Paying attention to every little detail is key to giving your food storage a precise look and clutter-free.  

Being a part of the busiest room in the house, kitchen pantries should be given time and effort for cleaning and organization not just for the sole purpose of achieving great kitchen aesthetics but more importantly, for sanitation.

Research shows that there are about 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year, with one reason being improper food storage. You can help reduce the amount of food that goes into waste around the world by starting at home. Here are the top 10 pantry organization hacks that will help preserve food and give you that dream pantry you have always wanted. 

#1. Install a Pull Out Drawer

Pantry drawer

There is more space in your pantry than you think—look at the space below the shelves. Rather than leaving the space empty, why not fill it with pull-out drawers for additional storage? A pull out drawer provides you the storage benefits of a standard flat shelf with an additional sliding mechanism.

Whenever you need to get food items, simply pull out the drawers and you will have full access to the shelf’s content. This is the perfect food shelf for the kids with its easy-to-reach height and smooth operation. Now, the kids can make their own breakfast cereal and will no longer bother you when it’s snack time.

#2. Label the Containers

Labels on pantry items

Powder and sauce bottles can look all the same up on the shelves, making it hard to identify which is which when it is time to cook. If you don’t want to mess up your special recipes, remember to put labels on your pantry containers.

You can make use of free printable labels or you can do the lettering yourself on glass food jars and bottles.

#3. Add a Door Rack

Separate the frequently-used pantry items and make them easily accessible by installing a door rack. Your spices do not belong in the big drawer; you can make a new home for them by using the door space.

A full size door pantry rack can be customized to provide room not only for spices, but also for potatoes, onions, food bars, and tall boxes.

#4. Control the Cans

Pantry wire basket 

Food that comes in cans usually takes the most space in pantry shelves and messes up your arrangements. If you want your pantry to look neater and more organized, start taking control of the cans.

Using affordable wire baskets is a genius idea for can storage; it allows you to store the canned food items horizontally and in an easy-to-see space. With everything in plain sight, it is easier to tell what items you are running low on and what needs to be included in your next grocery list.

#5. Cover Up Your Pantry Walls

Forget about plain white or dull-colored walls and jazz up your walk-in pantry by lining the walls with inspiring wallpapers. There are plenty of stylish easy-to-install wallpapers out there.

From neutral patterns to bold graphics, you can find just any wallpaper design you can think of to achieve a specific mood in a room. For a contemporary room vibe, cover up your pantry walls with geometric wallpapers. 

Do not hide your pantry space behind a closed door, and let it serve as a beautiful attraction in your kitchen with some wallpaper decoration

#6. Add Utility Hooks

Pantry utensil hook

Pantries are never complete without utility hooks. You can add hooks to the side of the door or below cabinets to hang your kitchen linens. This way you will never have to deal with missing or misplaced cooking mittens or aprons. Plus, it can help save drawer space.

#7. Reuse Plastic Containers

Instead of buying food organizers, you can make use of the empty plastic containers to store dry food items, such as breadcrumbs, grains, nuts, and rice. These flat plastic containers stack easily and help maximize cabinet space compared to using tall bottles and jars.

However, it is important to note that there is a specific plastic type for storing food. For safety purposes, the Health Department recommends households to use only food grade plastic containers to avoid the risk of food contamination.

#8. Use Rolling Hampers

Take advantage of every inch of storage space in your pantry by putting up inexpensive containers such as rolling hampers. You can use your extra laundry hampers to store large pantry items such as reusable shopping bags and baskets.

Position the hampers below the hanging cabinets and easily pull it out every time you need to bring out some items.

#9. Bring in the Lazy Susan Cabinet Accessory

Lazy Susans are smart additions to your kitchen pantry. This cabinet accessory does not only provide easy access to items inside cabinets but also allows you to utilize the entire storage space down to the floor level.

By using Lazy Susans, searching for items in the pantry becomes a much easier task. There is no need to remove all the items in the front to reach items out in the back of the shelf; just rotate the Lazy Susan flat tray and the spices or kitchenwares you are looking for will come to you.

#10. Group Your Baking Supplies Together

Pantry baking items

 Baking supplies such as powder bottles, pans, and tools can be easily misplaced around the pantry with lack of proper organization. Creating a baking zone will make it easier for you to grab your supplies when the baking hour arrives.

If all your baking supplies do not fit into one rack or cabinet, get an additional cart that is easy to roll in and out. 

It is never too late to get your food shelves in order. Get organized by following these easy and simple ways to store food in your pantry!

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