July 08, 2020

If you’re the type of person who loves hosting intimate gatherings at home you know that a beautiful yard can take your parties to the next level. Outdoor parties are also popular during the summer, which is why having a beautifully manicured yard is a great investment. 

Aside from having guests over, you can also enjoy your yard for yourself like when you want to have your morning coffee outside or indulge in a relaxing afternoon tea. You can also place an inflatable pool if you don’t have an outdoor pool and enjoy evening barbecue parties. You can make all these your reality if you prep your yard properly.

 Truth be told, achieving a yard like the ones you see in home design magazine spreads can be done. How do you create and maintain a resilient and attractive lawn? Incorporating unique hanging summertime theme signs can add a little touch of design. The following five tips can help you ready your yard for this summer’s entertainment.

#1: Try Aerating Your Lawn

One of the first things you need to do is to aerate your lawn. This allows your lawn to breathe and it also allows nutrients and water to infiltrate through the grass roots. When your grass root system is healthy it will result in green and lush grass. We highly recommend that you do this during the autumn season especially if you have ryegrass or bluegrass.

If the type of grass you have in your yard thrives in a warm climate we recommend you aerate your lawn during the spring. However, gardening experts believe that aerating your lawn every year or at least every 3 years is ideal but if your lawn gets high foot traffic more frequent aeration is needed to keep it looking fresh.

#2: Get Rid Of Decayed Plants

Removing decaying Weeds

Even if you are the most attentive gardener there are times when some parts of your lawn die out. When dead plants accumulate in your yard remove them. Even a thatch that reaches half an inch can stop the sunlight from nourishing your grass and it also prevents water from penetrating deep into your grass roots.

Experts recommend that you remove decayed plants by digging them during autumn and doing it again during spring so you can have a fresh yard come summer. Do this with aeration and you’ll have a beautiful and sophisticated yard you could be proud of.

#3 Invest in Fertilizers

Fertilizer spreading on lawn.png

It’s a no brainer. When you choose to have natural grass for your lawn you need to allocate a budget for fertilizers to keep your grass healthy. However, before you pick out any fertilizer brand at the market shelf make sure you know what type of fertilizer you need for your specific grass type.

Yes, it varies and you need to be extra careful when it comes to this otherwise you might end up with disastrous results. For grasses that thrive in a warm climate we recommend you purchase fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen and apply them during the spring season and then do it again in the late part of summer. For grass that thrive in the cold season you’ll need to fertilize them at the start of spring and after winter and then do it again at the beginning of fall.

When you apply fertilizers during fall check the nitrogen content. It’s ideal to choose one that has a high nitrogen concentration. When applying fertilizers, ensure that you do it at least 30 days before the peak of summer.

#4 Hydrate Your Lawn

We don’t have to say it; everyone knows that during the summer the temperature can soar high this means you need to double your efforts in watering your lawn. Majority of grasses will require weekly irrigation especially during their growing phase.

Experts recommend that you do a deep irrigation instead of short yet frequent sprinklings as this only penetrates the shallow parts of grass roots. If you want your plants and grass to look healthy and vibrant despite the hot weather you’ll need to irrigate it weekly.

To get the ideal results, you must water your grass lawn in the morning and at night to give your grass sufficient time to absorb it before they start to dry out.

#5 Mow Your Lawn

Mowing lawn

Now that you’ve done most of the work don’t think it’s over because there’s still one last thing you need to do and that is to mow your yard. Natural grass will grow especially when properly cared for and in order to keep it healthy and tidy you need to mow your grass but there are a few things you need to be mindful of.

First, don’t cut the grass if it’s more than 1/3 of its height as this can damage it. The more you mow your lawn in spring the healthier your grass will be as it helps enhance their roots.

There you have it, 5 easy and doable steps to ready your yard for the summer. You can start calling your family and friends over for your outdoor parties.

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