October 27, 2020

We all love Thanksgiving, but there is another celebration that gets us just as pumped up once November rounds the cornerーFriendsgiving. 

Casual, open for all, funーthese are some of the reasons why we love this holiday. It’s basically a laid-back version of Thanksgiving, so think catch-up sessions with family and especially friends over scrumptious food, free-flowing drinks, games, and just all around fun. 

What makes a gathering even more memorable? Of course, a gorgeous space and mouth-watering food. Here, we listed a few ingenious ideas to help you make the most of Friendsgiving 2020. We hope you have a blast celebrating!

friends playing music


Gifting friends something special on Friendsgiving is one way of celebrating the occasion. The gift doesn’t have to be something grand or ultra-expensive, but as much as possible, go for something useful, functional, and practical.

If your friend is a force to reckon with in the kitchen, or trying to be one, get her or him a nice absorbent cotton kitchen towel that comes with a little spunk of its ownーthe perfect addition to a kitchen. 


snack platter

Before anything else, what is a charcuterie board? The simplest definition: a fancy snack platter.

A snack platter filled with nuts, finger sandwiches, cheeses, fruits, crackers, and an assortment of cold cuts sound just perfect for Friendsgiving. Actually, it’s perfect for all occasions because, one, charcuterie boards look gorgeous; two, they’re easy to prepare; and three, the different flavors excite the taste buds. 

There are charcuterie board providers whom you can call to come to your rescue, but if you want real adventure, we highly suggest making your own from scratch.

First, you need to get adense wood with fine grains. Birch, oak, walnut, cherry, and hard maple are the popular choices. Cut the wood according to your desired shape and size and then clean and make sure it’s completely dry before you start decorating it with different food. Viola! You’re ready to serve your own fancy snack platter.


If weather permits it, dining outside under the stars never fails to add more appeal to a celebration. The experience can be romantic, casual, and warm depending on how you set up your location. But for sure, a long wooden table and benches to accommodate everyone, surrounded by the soft glow of strings lights dangling from branches of trees or wrapped around patio railings, make for perfect evenings with family and friends.

Consider a bonfire (and s’mores!) too to warm everyone as you party the night away.



A dining table will look bare and dry without the right decorations while too many decor will do more harm than good. The key then is balance. You want something that will stand out without overwhelming your dining area. 

A gorgeous fall centerpiece, for example, is enough to tie the look of a space together and make the table look festive and sophisticated. However, with all the choices these days, what are the perfect fall centerpieces you can think of? 

One of our favorites is a DIY wreath, but instead of hanging it up the front door, go head and make it a table centerpiece, flanked by candles or flowers on both sides. Another great idea is to fill a cupcake stand with an assortment of apples, candles, seasonal flowers, and pine cones.  

If  going for a farmhouse inspiration, a wooden trough filled with the seasonal blooms and apples will be perfect. Put it at the center of the dining table but make sure it is clean and dry. 


Make the most of natural, seasonal wall decors, like pinecones, birch branches, and pumpkins. Such materials are beautiful, and best of all, they cost nothing. What more can you ask for? 

Collect pine cones then spray paint them an ombre color or, as is, place them inside huge clear vases to decorate your fireplace mantle, center table, or your console tables. Alternately, you may opt for birch branches in clear vases as tabletop decor. 

Birch branches are sparse but they make elegant decor. Another natural material that is aplenty around this time is the pumpkin, which you may use as a pumpkin ice bucket. It’s the perfect accessory to keep your reds cold and within easy reach. 


signature cocktails

Are you a cold beer kind of girl or one who stocks up your bar with wine? This Friendsgiving, why not start a new party tradition and treat family and friends to a new signature cocktail? 

We’re thinking of any of these: apple cider mimosa, bourbon spiced pear cocktail, sparkling cranberry apple cider punch, spiced cider margarita, apple cider sangria. Not only are these great-tasting drinks, but also, they represent some of the best the season has to offer, like apples and cranberries. 


The last thing you want is a dull and boring get-together, where there are more yawns than real fun. With the right activities, however, you never have to worry about bored and sleepy guests. 

Hence, preparing a list of fun activities is key to a great Friendsgiving. Prepare a few games to keep everyone entertained. We love the traditional pumpkin-carving contest, our ever-reliable board games like Jenga or Dominoes,piñata smashing, and the word-guessing game charades.

Since you know your guests better, make your own list of activities and ensure you have all the materials you need before the big day. 


different dishes on long wooden table

An apple cranberry feta pecan salad, honey maple roasted carrots, whiskey-glazed sweet potatoes with apples and pecans, honey brined smoked turkey, and spinach quinoa salad with apples, pecan, cranberries are just a few of the best fall foods you can prepare. 

These are examples of easy-to-prepare food that you can whip up in no time, but, consider of course your guests’ likes and dislikes, which shouldn’t be hard to do since you will be preparing for family and friends.


Ask your guests to dress up. Although Friendsgiving is a casual and laid-back affair, you actually make up your own rules. If you think costumes and what-not will give everyone a different kind of high, then by all means, make the occasion a costume party. 

Let everyone know well in advance about party themes or costume ideas so they too can prepare. To take your party hosting a notch higher, ensure that your food and your decor blend with your chosen theme. Lastly, don’t forget to have a good time!

So who’s excited for Friendsgiving? We definitely are! We can all use a good party with family and friends.We hope you enjoy yours to the fullest. Happy Friendsgiving!

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