April 25, 2020

Your search is over for gifts to cap off awesome college years.

A graduation is always a big deal, but finishing a degree in college is doubly so. Hence, special gifts are in order.

 A gift card is absolutely acceptable. There are probably tons of stuff your dear graduate would like to get for him- or herself, but if you’re looking for something more creative or personal or if you’d rather do the shopping, we round up a few suggestions to help you.

The Bag

With all the options out there, from leather handbags to gold-chained purses, getting a bag for someone can be stressful. But we’d like you to focus on two important things: form and function.

Obviously, you want to give something beautiful, something that takes the breath away the moment it’s revealed. You want a gift that says you seriously took the time to find the best. At the same time, you want your gift to reflect the person you are getting it for. You want something useful. Otherwise, it might just catch dust in a corner. 

Carry-on Luggage

girl with luggage

our college grad might use some frequent-flyer miles following their graduation. They might be moving out of school grounds to fly back home or settle down close to work opportunities, or they might be excited about a long-overdue Carribean vacation. 

College graduation marks a big change in life and a lot of moving around. A carry-on luggage is a huge help around this time. 

When choosing a luggage, choose one made of durable materials. Some luggage doesn't get TLC while in transit somewhere. They get tossed and turned over and over before hitting their destination. 

Do you know how much luggage gets lost or misdirected every year? According to a study in 2019, a staggering 25 million bags cause commercial plane passengers stress and tears every year. While you hope for the best, you might as well think one step ahead. 

Get luggage in a bright color, something that screams, “Notice me now!” It’s a huge relief to see a color stand out in a perpetual sea of black bags.


satchel bag


The flapover messenger bag is a staple in college. Men especially prefer this style because it’s convenient to throw over the shoulder. So why get this as a present? 

Next to the briefcase, a satchel or messenger bag or laptop bag is the most professional-looking bag for men. Depending on its size, it can hold a laptop or tablet, a portfolio, application forms, and other job-hunting essentials.

Since this bag is hands down made for convenience, remember to get something pleasing to the eyes. Don’t forget aesthetic features. For instance, something made of leather is not only durable but is also pleasing to look at. Gold hardware instantly gives a bag a sophisticated quality. Get the flap or the strap monogrammed to make your gift extra special.


office girl using phone

Something from an upscale brand is definitely going to earn you extra credits, but it doesn’t have to be theit bag of the century. Like the messenger bag, something big enough to hold essentials for job interviews would be awesome. Plus points for durable materials like leather. 

But, first, is a tote bag the same as a shoulder bag? 


A tote bag has two straps while a shoulder bag has one. The former is more preferable when you want to distribute the weight of your bag and its contents. Hence, a tote is a better option when going on  job interviews and similar appointments.

Ladies feel especially drawn to bags. In fact, in the US alone, women own an average of twenty bags. Your new graduate is most likely part of the statistics, so how do you ensure your gift won’t be discarded after a few uses? 

  • Take note of her style.
  • Ask for recommendations from a close family member or friend.
  • Trick her to tell you what she wants. (There’s probably one or two she’s dying to get her hands on.)

Inspirational Prints

inspirational quotesInspirational prints have a special place on our list. After all, we can all use a dose of inspiration from time to time. Especially graduates.

As we said earlier, graduation brings about a lot of changes. Some of these may be easy to bear; others may be extra challenging. Don’t forget to encourage, inspire, and celebrate the good things in life. 

Have a look at some beautiful inspirational signs you can choose from.


This one is almost a no-brainer. A watch is no ordinary gift. It can be one of the most memorable gifts you will receive—and probably one of the most expensive. These days, a watch is not only a timepiece. It can also be an art, a jewelry, and a piece of technology right at your wrist.

You buy someone a watch to celebrate special occasions like Christmas, anniversaries, and yes, graduation day. And since it easily completes an outfit, it pays to do your due diligence before making a purchase.

Here, we break your options into two (God knows how many more there are).

Timeless Classic

gold watch

There are diamond-encrusted timepieces that are worth more than crown jewels, but thankfully, those are not the types you want to look into (unless you really want to). Still, you want your gift to wow and become an important, useful accessory, because as we pointed out, a watch doesn’t just tell time. It says so much about the wearer, and it can make or break a look.

A classic watch would be ideal, especially during job interviews, presentations, or anywhere you want to look professional. There are watches set in stainless steel, gold and silver bands, and there are interchangeable straps.

Think of the person you are buying the watch for. What is his or her style? 


smart watch

A smartwatch is not only an extension of a mobile phone. It can do other things that a phone can’t. However, the biggest factor to consider when choosing a smartwatch as a gift is lifestyle. 

Are you considering it for someone who is always on the go? Someone who needs access to their notifications wherever they are? Will they benefit from a smartwatch’s health and fitness features?

Crafty Somethings

arts and crafts

If you’re feeling crafty, by all means do a DIY project. A personalized photo collage, for example, is a great idea. Throw in some first-day-of-school photos from way back if you have them. For a really sweet touch, and perhaps to complete a collection of annual school photos, get a last day of school chalkboard, write fun details about your graduate, and snap some photos. 

We design and sell pretty first and last days of school signs.


Millennials just can’t get enough of gadgets. That’s a fact. So why not get them a gadget? More importantly, what kind of gadget should you get?

Instant-Print Camera

instant camera

The instant-print camera is proof that sometimes old school is cool. This one comes handy when traveling, during social gatherings, and when instant photography is desired.  

The instant camera is not as heavy as a DSLR. Obviously, it’s not as sophisticated quality-wise too, but it does have its own picture quality that millennials adore. Plus, there’s a wide selection of super cute colors you can choose from.


pastel colored headphones

Chunky wired headphones are the rage these days. They never really went out of style, but were overshadowed by wireless sets for some time. We’re not going to convince you which is better, wired or wireless. We believe each comes with pros and cons, and it’s for you to decide which style will fit your graduate’s lifestyle. 

What we do suggest is getting one in a nice color. Take a hint from your graduate’s color favorites and go from there. 

Whatever gift you choose, make sure to add a heartfelt note, expressing your congratulations for the new graduate. College is a major feat. Make sure you celebrate it. 

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