April 21, 2020

Make it the best Mother’s Day ever!

TBH, being a mother is exhausting. Whether she works part of the time or stays at home with the kids and whether her kids are in kindergarten or in college, it’s all the same. A mother’s life is never an easy one.

So what can you do to make Mother’s Day extra special?

We round up some suggestions to help you decide on your surprise. 

Ditch the Flowers & the Chocolates

Mother's day gift Ideas

Once upon a time, you were a cute little girl who loved to surprise your mom with lovely flowers or one of your crafty art projects from school. The gesture was sweet and sentimental, and every mother lives for those beautiful moments. But fast-forward to twelve or twenty years later, flowers, cards, and chocolates should not be your all-around fail-safe standard.

It’s time to step up your game. It’s time for more. And maybe, just maybe, your mom might be thinking along the same lines all this time. 

Don’t get us wrong though. Whether you think more means an expensive gift from a high-end shop or more time to DIY a personal present, that’s for you to say. 

Basically, what we’re saying is this: no last-minute run to the corner drugstore for chocolates or picking up  flowers on the way to mom’s. And if you ever reach out for that Hallmark card again, be prepared to scribble more than your name. Seriously.

Celebrate Nana on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is one of those special occasions when you should think of something . . . well, special for your mom, your nana, or that mother figure in your life. It’s the time to go all out on loving. If you’re not the expressive type, good news. Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to let your mom know that you really think the world of her—that is, in spite of you and/or in spite of her.  

Anyway, what does your momma really want for Mother’s Day?

Time—Time Alone or Time with the Family

Time is a precious gift that nobody can buy back.

Most moms will be hard put to choose between spending some me time and having quality family bonding. She’s wired to put her family’s needs first and foremost, so guilt is a familiar feeling when she tries some downtime. But make no mistake about it—she needs time alone just as she needs time with the family. 

How do you ensure she enjoys both on Mother’s Day? 


Let her sleep in. Give her eight (or more!) hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. A study in January 2020 shows that new mothers get as little as three to four hours of sleep every night. The percentage does increase the older the kids get, but in general, mothers are stretched to the max with no rest during the day and little sleep at night.

Mom and Daughter in the kitchen

So for once (for one whole week, if you want extra credit), let your mother forget about the alarm clock. Serve breakfast in bed when she’s ready. Better yet, ask her to join the family in the immaculately clean kitchen you prepared. There are hundreds of ways to jazz up a kitchen really quick. Two of our favorites are this kitchen decor sign and this gift kitchen towel perfect for Nana's. And oh, this would be the perfect time for those flowers.

Pamper Sesh

A mani/pedi, a massage, a haircut, or all of the above are awesome ways to pamper your momma. She’s probably dying to squeeze in those into her day, so be a darling and make the appointment. While you’re at it, don’t forget to foot the bill.

Bonding Time

Don’t overthink this one. You know your mom best. 

Moms who love gardening will be extremely grateful to tinker in the garden with you. Or get the grandkids to help whip up a delicious meal for the family. Listen to each other’s stories. 

Gardening with Mom

Take everyone to the park or head to the beach if that’s your mother’s thing.The key is to do what she wants without stressing her out about the details.

Wine and Dine

Wind down over a good home-cooked meal or take her out for dinner and wine. The secret is to serve that one person who’s been serving the family hot meals—even microwaved ones—all this time. 

If you dare, take out the recipes she loves and give them a go. Or take her somewhere fancy if it’s been a while. Either way,plan way ahead of time, not on the day of the occasion. 

Take Mom out to dinner

The takeaway here, in case you haven’t noticed, is simple: She’s not getting younger, kiddo.


Now’s your best chance to say a heartfelt thank you for all that your mom did to get you where you are. Like, thanks to her, you’re here! That alone deserves a whopping act of appreciation. 

If you tend to get shy about expressing yourself, send your mom a letter or an email. We prefer mailing one for its sheer delight.

show Mom appreciation

Recall favorite memories, make a commitment (for instance, “dinner every Friday”), and share what you can about your life.  

Finally, go on and tell her she was right all along.

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