September 24, 2020

Why are people excited for autumn? Here’s what we know, besides having the perfect temperature Halloween is just around the corner. All of a sudden, stores are flocked with people shopping for Halloween decorations. The spookier the design the better. Shopping carts are brimming with pumpkins, plastic scarecrows, bats and all other Halloween decorating symbols you can possibly think of.

You’re probably wondering how people got into this Halloween decorating tradition. Well, here are a few facts about Halloween and a brief overview of its history.

When Did Halloween Start?

Americans celebrate Halloween like it’s Thanksgiving. Homeowners take a break from their usual routine to decorate their homes and make it look haunted and spooky. Ironically, the kids don’t get scared in fact they enjoy it! Kids and adults run around the neighborhood donning frightening costumes to go trick or treating. However, thousands of years ago this is not what Halloween looked like. It wasn’t fun at all.

Back in the days, before Halloween was modernized and transformed into a trick-or-treating celebration, the Celtic people considered Halloween as a time to pay tribute to the gods and goddesses of the harvest. Halloween marked the end of the harvest season. Samhain as they call it, was a time for the people to show their appreciation and pay their respects to the gods of the harvest.

The celebration included dancing and banquets. Nevertheless, Samhain wasn’t just about happiness it was also a time for fear, superstition and darkness. It was believed that during this time the souls of the dead could return and cause chaos. For protection, the locals wore scary costumes and masks to deter malevolent spirits and lit up lanterns to light the way.

How Do You Decorate Your Kitchen For Halloween?

Candies, check! Costumes, check! Decorations, check! Now, what to do next? For your next project, we’ll help you design and decorate your kitchen. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party at home or you simply want to decorate your space to celebrate, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get started.

1. Shop for Halloween Accessories

Shop for Halloween Accessories
If you’re not into DIY projects, you can shop for Halloween accessories instead. Don’t worry about your options because we’re pretty certain that malls offer a wide array of Halloween-themed kitchen accessories like hand towels, rugs and tableware. You may also shop for Halloween wood sign decors and hang them on your kitchen wall. 

2. Add A Jack-O-Lantern

Add a Jack-O-Lantern

The most popular symbol of Halloween is the Jack-O-Lantern. You can buy one at the store or carve it out yourself. If you have kids, you can use this as a fun activity for them.

In ancient Halloween, the Jack-O-Lantern was used to light the way and to ward off evil spirits but today they are simply used as decorations. We recommend you place your Jack-O-Lanterns above your kitchen cupboards or at your kitchen counter. You can opt for a flickering light to add a spooky ambiance to your home. Use your imagination when carving out pumpkins. It doesn’t have to be scary all the time. Others prefer to make silly faces.

3. Give Your Kitchen Hutch A Makeover

Give Your Kitchen Hutch a Makeover

Just for Halloween, clear your kitchen hutch and replace them with Halloween decorations. Some prefer to follow a theme like making their decors exclusive to jack-o-lanterns alone but if you want to make it a mishmash of your spooky collections, why not? Add fake webs, skeleton accessories, plates shaped like skulls (yes, you can actually buy these in stores) and artificial spiders pinned against the wall. There is no cut and dried rule to decorating your Halloween hutch.

4. Add Spookiness to Your Kitchen Windows

Add Spookiness To Your Windows
If your kitchen is small and there’s not enough space to display your decorations or you simply don’t like clutter because your kitchen is always in action you can opt to decorate your windows. The usual decoration styles include hats, pumpkins, spiderwebs and skeletons cut and pasted on the curtains. You can use black paper or cut out your trash bag and shape them into Halloween symbols.

5. Bat Cut Outs on The Ceiling

Bat Cut Outs On the Ceiling
Decorating your kitchen for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a pair of scissors, black paper and some thumbtacks. Draw silhouettes of bats on the black paper and cut them. You can choose from a wide range of silhouette designs online. Pin them on your ceiling to give your kitchen that spooky feel or you can hang them on strings.

6. Use Your Ordinary Glasses As Decorations

Use Your Ordinary Glasses
If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to spend for new glassware just to be consistent with the theme. You can use your old kitchen glassware and decorate them using puff paint. Get a plain glass (sans the decorations) and draw spider webs using puff paint. You can fill up glasses with neon-colored drinks to let the spider webs pop out.

7. Play with Your Kitchen Lights

Play With Your Kitchen Lights
Most households have kitchen lights above the counter. If you have these installed, you can simply place a sheer white sheet over these lamps and paint them with scary eyes and mouth resembling the classic look of ghosts.

8. Create A Massive Ghost Décor Using Your Fridge

Create a Massive Ghost Fridge
This only applies if you have a white colored fridge because it’s more realistic. Cut out giant eyes using black paper and attach them to a magnet and pin them against your fridge at the freezer part and then cut out a mouth and pin it against the lower part of the fridge or the chiller to make a giant ghost.


Decorating your kitchen for Halloween is not as hard as it looks. With these easy low-budget decorating tips, we’re sure you’ll have tons of fun transforming your quaint kitchen into a spooky and haunted one.

Once you have all the decorations ready you just have to be strategic about where to place them. For decals, you can pin them on the wall, for cobwebs you can place them over the kitchen counter, the windows and in your cabinets.

Halloween is just around the corner so make sure you’re all set and ready to decorate and spook everyone in your home!

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