September 21, 2020

Since Covid-19 broke out we spend an awful lot of time at home. The more time you spend at home instead of the office the more you get to see the flaws and imperfections of your house. Everyone wants a relaxing home so if you’re spending most of your time there then might as well make it cozy and comfortable. 

This is probably why home makeovers have taken over our Facebook feeds since the start of the year with people showing off their interior designing skills, sprucing up one room at a time. If you’re thinking about revamping your laundry room but you’ve used up all your ideas from your previous home makeover projects, don’t worry. 

We will help stimulate your creative juices with some of our budget-friendly laundry design tips. Most people think that a laundry room isn’t worth designing but that’s where they are wrong. Every room in your home deserves to be beautiful and in style including the laundry room.

We know that this pandemic has taken a toll on our nations’ economy and it probably affected your income in one way or another. Don’t get us wrong, even though we suggest you revamp your laundry room we definitely don’t want you to spend a fortune beautifying it. Luckily, the tips we are presenting here are guaranteed easy on the pocketbook. Here’s how you can transform your dull and dreary laundry room into a stylish, bright and vibrant one.

Paint The Walls

Laundry Room Paint the Walls

The easiest and most cost-effective way to radically change a room is by stripping off the old color and replacing it with fresh paint. The color will depend on the theme you want to achieve whether you want to follow the color scheme of your house or you want to make it different.

Are you rooting for an industrial style, or a modern or minimalist theme? Darker paint will make your laundry room look smaller but if that doesn’t bother you then go ahead but if you want your laundry room to look bright and sunny then obviously going for a lighter shade is the way to go.

Give Removable Wallpaper A Try

Laundry Room Wallpaper

Today’s wallpapers are so varied that you’ll definitely find a style you want. If you’re worried about changing your mind in the future and the mess that wallpaper is going to leave once you peel it off the wall, here’s some good news for you, there are brands that actually produce wallpaper that are easy to remove.

The type that when you peel them off, it’s not going to cause any damage to your walls. We suggest you research good brands online and read feedback and customer testimonials. This will give you an idea what brand to go for.

Decorate Your Walls With Sophisticated Art

Laundry Room Sophisticated Art
Don’t leave your walls bare. If you are going to decorate your laundry room we suggest you add some sophisticated wall art décor like this elegantly styled wall hanging decorative wood laundry room sign – “This Home is Filled with Endless Love and Laundry”. It’s going to add a homey feel to your laundry room.

Add A Runner or a Rug

Laundry Room Rug
Laundry rooms often give off a sterile and cold vibe but when you roll out a runner or a rug it will immediately cozy up the place. Not only does it add comfort to the room but it also adds style. There are plenty of rug and runner designs to choose from and they come in various textures. Make your laundry room welcoming by shopping for a chic rug. It’s a smart and functional decoration that wont’ break the bank.

Add Floating Shelves

Laundry Room Shelves

Floating shelves would make a great addition to your laundry room because of their versatility. You can use them as storage space for your laundry essentials or a space to hold decorative items such as artwork, decorative figurines, etc. Since they are mounted on the wall with minimal support, it creates a minimalist look. We recommend you hire a professional to mount the shelves so that they don’t fall off and cause injury and damage.

Change Your Cabinet Handles

Laundry Room Cabinet Handles

Give your old cabinet handles a rest and replace them with shiny, shimmering new handles. Believe it or not but freshly painted cabinets coupled with new cabinet handles will make you think you just stepped inside someone else’s laundry room. Cabinet handles may seem trivial but they make a huge difference in the overall aesthetics of your laundry room.

Add Some Plants

Laundry Room Plants

If you decorated your living room with indoor plants, whether real or fake, it’s time to bring some of it to your laundry room. It goes without saying that plants bring life to any room. If you don’t have a green thumb you can shop for fake plastic plants. Besides, the fake plants being sold today look so realistic no one will ever know they’re artificial. Having plants in your laundry room will add to its cozy ambiance.

The process of redecorating and redesigning is therapeutic and it becomes even more enjoyable and fulfilling if you are able to transform a room using budget-friendly means. Lucky for us, the Internet is brimming with ideas and inspiration. You just have to decide what theme you want to go for.

However, it’s also important to mention that even though we patronize cheap products it doesn’t mean we compromise quality. There are plenty of companies that offer inexpensive products but with impressive durability. Many homeowners make the mistake of creating an unrealistic budget and then feel disappointed once the project is complete.

Before you start your makeover, take a good look at your budget. Adjust it many times if possible so that when you start shopping for products all the efforts you’ve exerted in planning and designing will not be put to waste because the outcome is exactly what you had in mind. Are you ready to revamp your laundry room? If you follow these 7 tips, we believe you are! Good luck!

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