July 01, 2020

It takes people approximately twenty-seven seconds to make a first impression. It takes less to judge a home. Be prepared then to wow guests the moment they step through your door. An impressive entryway expresses your personality and complements the overall look of a home, and believe it or not, it’s very easy to achieve.  

We know we deal with different square footage. Some have narrow entrances while others have spacious foyers. That’s okay. Space—or lack thereof—does not determine style and functionality, and those two are the keywords to remember when designing a stunning entryway: style and function. 

An impressive entryway does need to not sacrifice either style or function. As much as you want to wow guests, you also want a practical space that gives convenience to you and your family. So consider your routine when you leave and when you return home. Where do you hang your coat, where you do throw your keys and your purse, where do the kids pile their shoes, where do they sit when lacing their shoes, etc.?

These are the daily habits that should determine the practical aspect of decorating your entryway, but none of these should compromise style. 

You can definitely achieve the right mix of practical pieces and stylish accents. For starters, here are 5 easy decor ideas to transform your entryway to an enviable space.

Be Bold with Color Choices

color entryway for home

Nothing takes the breath away as swiftly as a bold color does. A bold color adds depth, sophistication, and visual interest to a space. It’s especially effective if you have an all-white interior or a neutral color theme. 

Choose a paint color to complement or contrast the color palette of your home or go for an eye-catching wall paper. A stunning, colorful rug or floor runner is another way to add color and texture to your foyer. Be prepared to experiment with shapes too. A Persian runner, for example, is a classic choice that works just as well as a cowhide rug.

Create a Stunning Vignette 

A vignette is an easy, affordable way to make a pleasing focal point in the foyer. To create one, group interesting objects on a console table or on top of a versatile shoe cabinet or credenza and use hanging wall decors, mirrors, and beautiful photographs for maximum impact. 

Always keep in mind the rule of threes (or any odd number), which simply means three or odd-numbered decors look more appealing and effective than even-numbered ones. So use three vases in varying lengths or five odds and ends and three books and you’re all set.

Bring in the Greenery

Foyer Entrance Plants.png

An indoor plant is a failsafe option to make an entryway instantly welcoming and inviting. Plants bring positive energy and a noticeable freshness to a space. These days, you don’t have to be a green thumb to decorate with real plants since there are now so many options for low-maintenance plants. 

A big fiddle-leaf fig tree, for instance, is a well-loved indoor plant that looks great next to a bench with hidden storage or next to a console table. Where space is at a premium, however, a smaller plant, like a peace lily or the equally famous snake plant, will work just as well when placed on a console table.

Add a Statement Art or Dramatic Lighting 

art in entry area of home

A narrow foyer or a makeshift entryway is not a lost cause. Simply utilize a wall by hanging a huge statement art to divert attention or draw the eyes up with dramatic lighting. Sometimes all you need is one piece to pull a look together.

If you do have extra space, consider a hard-to-miss sculpture, like a repurposed wood or a driftwood art. These are stylish conversation pieces that never go out of style.

Use Stylish, Multipurpose Storage Pieces

storage spaces

Create a utilitarian chic entryway by using multipurpose pieces. A wooden bench may hold extra storage for shoes, bags, and hats while a credenza may hold a vignette and different odds and ends. Pegboard panels are useful too for hanging keys, umbrellas, bags, and even coats. 

When styling an entryway, the goal is to provide convenience for you and your family and wow guests with your impressive decorating genius. Go on and use these tips to transform your entryway.


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