June 29, 2020

The warm and longer days of summer are meant to be spent doing fun outdoor activities instead of being consumed by video games and social media. It is a great time to bond with family and friends whom you do not get to see often during the busy times of the year. And what better way to make this summer extra special and exciting for the kids than bringing the family camping.

Summer is the perfect time for a camping trip with your loved ones. For some families, camping has become a tradition passed on from generation to generation. It is a great way to strengthen relationships, develop life skills, and reconnect with nature. Camping can be your once-in-a-year digital detox, where face-to-face conversations replace gadgets for entertainment. 

To get all set up for a week’s camping by the lake or on the hillside, create a checklist for the food, supplies, and gear you need to bring. Also, don’t forget to pack some decor essentials to create gorgeous background designs for your photoshoots. Here are some fun camping decor and decoration ideas you should try.

metal camping site

 #1 Home is Where We Park It, Metal Camper Sign Decor

Metal camping signs are perfect for the outdoors since it is resistant to moisture like this camping decor sign from Honey Dew Gifts. Made in the USA, this metal sign symbolizes the Americans’ love for camping.

You can hang it outside your RV or around the campsite; it is lightweight and has pre-drilled holes for easy hanging.

Get this fun camping decor for yourself or gift it to your co-campers.


#2 Welcome to Our Family Campsite Sign

This is a popular wall decor among campers, which can be customized to include your family name in the frame. Put it on display in the campsite entrance or place it outside the tent to make your neighbor campers feel welcome to join in for marshmallow BBQs or fun conversations under the stars. You can find this welcome sign online in a wide array of font styles, colors, and materials.

3# Hand-lettered Signs

Inspirational quotes sign

Feel free to show off your beautiful handwriting on a wood board using artist chalks, pens, or markers you can buy at your local stationery store. You can write fun stuff or quotes of the day to inspire everyone to make the most of the nature adventures. This hand-lettered wood sign delivers a low-key rustic cabin aesthetic—perfect for the lake views.

#4 String Art Camper Decor
String art decors never fail to attract everyone’s attention even on a campground. You can either buy a ready-made product or create one from scratch. String-art-making is also a great addition to your camping activities. The kids will surely love the mini art workshop, which allows them to unleash their creativity, and create their own memorabilia of the summer camp trip.

5# Decorative String Lights

camping.night lights.jpg

There is nothing more exciting than night time at a campsite; it is when campers gather around after a long day’s adventure to relax and appreciate the starry night sky. However, you will need some light to safely move around for preparing meals, or setting up the beds. This is when string lights come in handy, especially if you are too tired to set up a campfire. String lights are perfect camping decors with dozens of models available for you to choose from. The warm glow of string lights will also make your campsite feel cozier during the night.

#6 Colorful Woven Rags

Make your campsite look more attractive and inviting by accessorizing with woven rugs. You can place your favorite woven rugs at the tent entrance to keep the dirt and dust at bay. You can shop this camping decor at the furniture store in your area or order one online for a wide array of color and style options.

#7 Dream Catcher Hanging Decor

Dream catcher

Dream catcher hanging decor improves aesthetics in any room or space. Hang it at the center of your tent or in a nearby tree to achieve that bohemian, dream-like vibe. This camping decor won’t add much weight or take a lot of space in your backpack, so you can probably bring two or more of it.

#8 Triangle Flags

There are a lot of cute accessories that you can use to glamp your camp such as the popular triangle flags. These amazing flag displays are perfect for your family reunion celebration at the campsite. It adds color and a touch of fun just anywhere you hang it. You can DIY these triangle flags using only cheap materials, including felt of different colors, scissors, cardboard, string, and glue.

#9 Camping Hammock


A campsite will never be complete with a hammock. It is both functional and aesthetically-pleasing wherever you hang it at the campsite. Portable hammocks are perfect for outdoor adventures since they can be stuffed into a small pouch for easy packing. Another option is a glamping hammock which is usually bigger in size but can be filled with pillows and blankets and is also fit for sharing.

#10 Tiki Torches

Skip the usual campfire and bring in some tiki torches, so you can enjoy more time outdoors. Tiki torches make for an instant party vibe, giving you hours of light while keeping the bugs and mosquitos at bay. As a precautionary measure, make sure that each torch has at least 6 feet of clearance on all sides, which include trees, outdoor furniture, and other torches.

#11 Stylish Vinyl Tablecloths

You can turn your standard picnic table into a decorative piece by just covering it with a vinyl tablecloth. With plenty of colors and design options out there, you can surely find just anything you are looking for. Vinyl tablecloths do not just provide a premium look for any table setting, but also give the best protection to your furniture. It is ideal to use for outdoor dining since it is moisture-resistant and easy to clean. For your table centerpiece, you can make use of flowers, pinecones, and rocks that you can find on the trails. 

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