September 03, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced establishments to close down including schools. As parents, you’re probably wondering what’s going to happen next? How can I provide an education to my children when taking them to school would increase their chances of contracting the virus?

Today, the safest place to be is in your house. Parents all over the world are caught up in the same dilemma as you are. Should they sacrifice their child’s life or sacrifice their education? Lucky for you, digital technology has made it possible for your children to learn even when they are locked up at home. 

Distance learning is now being introduced to help students continue their education without going to school and risking their lives. It’s a modern-day method of studying wherein classes are being conducted through the Internet.

Since classes are done online you must designate a space in your home for your child’s virtual learning. Establishing a learning space will help enforce your children’s creativity, hone their focus, and encourage them to learn.

Although the space doesn’t come close to the square footage of your child’s school, what matters is how well you plan it. A well-thought-out study area will positively impact your child’s learning experience. 

How do you create a virtual learning space at home? Some of the questions parents ask are “Is it going to be expensive?” “Does it need a major renovation?” “Am I going to hire an interior designer?” The answer is simple – it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! All you need is some creativity and a feasible budget. 

The following are helpful tips to get you started in building your child’s learning space: 

It Doesn’t Have To Look Like The Study Space You Saw on Pinterest

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The idea of setting up a learning space is stressful enough given that you must spend time and money to plan and build it. It’s okay to take inspiration from Pinterest, but if the pins of learning spaces are difficult to achieve because you lack the resources and the space, don’t force it.

To help jumpstart your project, you must identify what works for your child. Is your child active? Does your child love to sit for prolonged periods? Does your child prefer quiet spaces or do they want music in the background? What’s your child’s favorite color? What are the things that they get excited about? Does their class require a lot of supplies? Does your child prefer closed areas or open spaces?

Once you get all the answers to these questions, it will give you an idea about the kind of learning space you’re going to build. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use your creativity and resourcefulness to create a functional space. Always go back to your goal and that is to create a routine and a specific learning space for your child at home. 

Cleaning Up And Decluttering Will Minimize Distractions organized learning work space.jpg

After finding a learning spot, remove all possible distractions. You don’t have to fill every empty corner. You just need all the essentials like books, notebooks, pens, crayons and perhaps a few toys for decoration. Keep everything organized to enhance your child’s focus. 

Make Learning Comfortable

Comfortable virtual learning space.jpg

Just like you when you work, kids also deserve comfort when they study but don’t make it too comfortable for them that they’d rather sleep than study. Check their table if the height is just enough for their chair. You don’t want them stretching their necks to see the laptop.

Find a chair that is properly cushioned so they won’t hurt their bottom when they sit for long periods during online classes. If you’re worried about the power bill, you don’t have to turn on the AC. You can just open up the windows to let the cool breeze in. 

Add Visuals

Your child’s brain loves visual stimulation. In your learning space, you can add encouraging, educational, or inspiring visuals that your child can enjoy. For example, you can hang framed motivational quotes or glue posters that will make your child feel inspired and happy. Instead of posting rules, opt for positive reinforcement. 

Proper Lighting

One of the most important factors you need to prioritize when setting up a learning space is good lighting. According to research, classrooms that are poorly lit negatively affect student’s attention. Another study showed that a classroom with good lighting (natural sunlight) had a positive impact on class attendance, health, and academic achievement. 

Add Bookcases and Shelving

You don’t necessarily have to repaint the area or shop for new decorations, but if there is anything worth splurging on it should be a sturdy bookshelf. Not only does it add appeal to your child’s study area, but it also helps organize your kids’ books. Furthermore, investing in a bookshelf leaves enough space on the table for the computer or laptop since the books will have separate storage space.

Studies also show that homes where books are easily accessible improved kids’ test scores. You don’t have to buy brand new books, you can get them second hand at a much cheaper price. 

Make The Space Personal

Virtual Learning Space At Home Distraction.jpg

Last but not least, try to make your child’s learning space personal to him or her. Make it a place they will love! Everything you’re going to put in there should revolve around the things your child loves, that’s how you make it personal. 


Virtual Learning Space At Home

Despite this pandemic, we are lucky to still be able to provide for our child’s education by taking advantage of the Internet. By setting up a comfortable and conducive virtual learning space at home you can help your child excel in his or her academics.

With these budget-friendly tips, you can create and build a routine for your child to develop his or her study habits without breaking the bank. During these unprecedented times, it helps to be creative and resourceful. What are you waiting for? Start setting up your child’s learning space now before school starts.

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