September 10, 2020

Whether you’re working from home on a temporary arrangement or managing your own business at home, a functional and well-decorated home office is a necessity these days. Let’s admit it, a beautiful space excites and inspires us to work and feel like a boss, which means productivity, right?

Well, we put together 7 steps to spruce up your workspace at home. These are easy steps that anyone can do at any time. Top these decor ideas with your own touch to make the space uniquely you and you’re good to go.   


Choose the Right Location
Sit down for work and give it your 100 percent attention. Doing so will save you time and effort from correcting mistakes and stretching work hours more than you have to. Focus, however, is easier said than done when house chores and family members are distracting you. 

So do yourself a favor and designate an area to serve as your home office or workstation. Its square footage doesn’t really matter, but it should be an area with less foot traffic, because less foot traffic means less noise, less movement, less distractions. 

Working from your dining area, your kitchen, or your sofa might seem like a good idea, especially if you feel like multitaskingーthat is, watching the kids while they play or doing the laundry in between calls, but it’s not a long-term solution. 

Set a work area that’s conducive for productivity and privacy, especially when you have to beat deadlines and attend or hold online meetings. Get a hanging door sign that clearly marks your territory or stops other people from intruding on your work time.


avoid clutter in your office

Clutter is the bane of every dreamy space, so as soon as you have your home office, establish a system that will help you reduce, if not completely eliminate, clutter. First on your list should be organization.   

Organize your thingsーpaperwork, office equipment, pens and markers, wires and cordsーin a way that fits your routine and your design goals. You don’t sacrifice style and comfort just because you have to organize your stuff in boxes and on shelves. On the contrary, organization is a means to achieve the style and comfort you want for your workspace.  

So get nice-looking boxes or woven baskets that complement your style perspective. Label them so you know where to get and return everything. Don’t let unsightly computer wires and electrical cords flood your floor. Instead, lift them off the floor and hide them. 

Finally, have the self-discipline to clean as you go, realizing that clutter can easily pile up and overwhelm if not handled right away.


Float Your Shelves
Floating your shelves is especially helpful when dealing with a small area. It maximizes vertical space and frees up limited floor space. At the same time, depending on its style, shelves could define or enhance your design aesthetics. 

For instance, open shelves that use industrial tubes and piping can accentuate a masculine, industrial look. On the other hand, white floating shelves with sleek hardware can easily make an office look modern or contemporary.

If you opt for open shelving, don’t forget to curate the items you display. Too much is always not good enough. Try to achieve balance, emphasize objects that serve as focal points, and add drama where you can.  


Use Ergonomic Furniture
Forget uniformed desks, chairs, and office dividers. At home, your workspace should be an extension of you and the amazing work that you do. Your workspace should inspire you to work, not dampen your mood.

You need office furniture that works. Start with a table that makes you feel like a boss. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying one with a definitive Scandinavian flair or repurposing an old beautiful table with lots of stories to tell. If it makes you feel good, make it yours to keep. 

Your office chair, however, is another story. Beautiful and stylish won’t cut it. You need a chair with an ergonomic design so sitting for hours on end won’t hurt your back and your tush.  

The ideal office chair will support your weight so you’re always comfortable, and it must be adjustable to prevent straining your neck and your back. That means your sofa, your dining chair, and your kitchen stool are out of the question. Those are not meant for long hours of sitting. 


Bring In a Plant
Indoor plants are the rage right nowーand for good reasons. Most indoor plants are easy to care for and they instantly make a space look and feel warm and inviting, not to mention, improve the quality of air in a room. 

Also, when you’re in front of a laptop or a computer for long periods of time, looking at something green from time to time helps lessen eye strain. Sometimes, all you need is a big plant to completely transform a space. However, if all you have is a desk pushed against a wall, no worries. Place a small indoor plant on your desk or hang one. 


go minimal
The minimalism movement has been steadily gaining ground over the last couple of decades. It promotes an intentional and purposeful approach to life, which translates to a “less is more” kind of attitude, especially toward living spaces. 

If your home office is new, it’s like a clean canvas and applying minimalism simply means bringing in items or things that you absolutely need to function efficiently and effectively. Things that are good to have but do not really serve you or the space a purpose should be avoided. 

If you’re transforming a room to a workspace or if you’re upgrading a well-used office, then purging might be necessary to achieve the minimalist look. So prepare to toss, sell, or donate items that are no longer useful in your current home office setup.


Make it a Happy Space
Because it’s your workstation, your sanctuary, it makes perfect sense to decorate it to make you feel good inside and out. So don’t shy away from decors that reflect your personality. 

If a bold wall paint or an eye-catching wallpaper is how you roll, go on with it. Maximize one wall to serve as an accent wall. If lots of family photos and memorabilia help you maintain positivity, create a wall vignette by all means. Or bring in a huge piece of art to serve as a focal point. 

Let in lots of natural light too. Like color, light affects mood and productivity, so open your blinds and let the sunlight in. If there’s little natural light in the room, use a mirror to maximize its effect and your space will instantly look brighter and bigger.

We hope these ideas will help you manage your work week the best way possible. Think of other means that will make you comfortable and happy in your home office too. Explore different styles and decors but don’t go overboard. Function, style, and comfort should still be your top priorities.

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