May 27, 2020

A farmhouse-style kitchen easily comes to mind when thinking of a warm and inviting kitchen where delicious goodies and precious memories are made. The homey vibe of a farmhouse kitchen makes it a great choice for families whether they live in tiny apartments in big cities or in sprawling properties in the country. 

The farmhouse style is about simplicity with bright, warm spaces, and natural colors. It is about returning to the earth and all that is natural and calming to the senses. 

Before you start tearing down kitchen walls, look around you first. How can you add rustic touches to your present kitchen? Is your all-white interior too bland? Is your kitchen missing spunk and personality? 

Here are 3 easy ways to create a sassy farmhouse-style kitchen.

1. Accentuate with Colors

fresh vegetables bowl

Paint is one of the quickest ways to update any space. You’re lucky if you have an all-white interior. It’s the perfect canvas to pile up layers of style. 

Some color combos, like blue and white, never go out of style, but if you want color choices, look no further than the assortment of colors found in the kitchen. Think fresh produce, herbs and spices, flowers, and even fine china. 

A colorful and eye-catching backsplash works wonders too, especially if yours has seen enough gunk. Or at the very least, reupholster your counter stools in a bold hue for a surprising pop of color.

modern kitchen island chairs

2. Tidy Up

kitchen utensil organizerClutter is an instant turnoff. If you have too many single-use appliances on your counter, it’s time you keep them out of sight. Keep pans and pots in their rightful places too. Hang them overhead, against the wall, or stash them inside kitchen cabinets.

Choose wooden or woven baskets and boxes to organize your stuff. They add a subtle effect that will help you achieve a sassy kitchen, and they are transitional pieces, meaning, they come handy if ever you transition to another style aesthetic. 

Last but not least, change your kitchen towels. Who wants stained and smelly hand and dish towels? Not only are they unattractive, but they’re also unhygienic. Get 100 percent pure cotton kitchen towels because they’re easy to use and maintain. Don’t underestimate your kitchen towels. A towel with a cute design, a funny quote, or a double entendre can definitely add personality to your kitchen. 

3. Repurpose Old Wood

modern kitchen

Wood is a warm element that is essential to the farmhouse style. If you’re looking for an affordable way to incorporate it into your kitchen, repurpose old pieces. It’s affordable, eco-friendly, and gives the antique or vintage quality that you can’t get from new wood.

Repurpose old wood into cabinets, wooden tables, or textured countertops. You can also use exposed reclaimed beams to accentuate high ceilings, which is another farmhouse-style trademark. 

Finally, reclaimed wood makes perfect open shelves too, and what farmhouse kitchen does not have open shelves? Open shelves look airy and welcoming, just what you need to showcase your well-curated knickknacks, dishes, and glassware. 

Transforming your kitchen to a classic farmhouse space does not have to be costly or difficult. It’s something you and the rest of your family can DIY. More importantly, it will definitely give new meaning to the heart of your home.

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