May 29, 2020

Attention busy moms! If you’re not using a weekly menu organizer, you should. It’s such a simple tool, but it adds so much value to everyday life at home. If your husband and kids are constantly asking you what’s for dinner, this could be a game-changer. A menu board does not only get rid of that question for good, but it also gives you a much-needed weekly head start. 

Weekdays can be tough to manage, meal planning can help you save time and money. A weekly menu board lets you organize your creative food ideas, ensures your family is eating nutritious food, lets you rotate food varieties, and helps save time and money in the process.

menu boards

Menu boards may be customized at home or you may order through our Honey Dew Gifts website. Our favorite is a chalkboard-style organizer that is easy to use because it’s dry-erase. You hang it in the kitchen or your command center and even use it to list grocery items you need to buy. 

It doesn’t matter whether you cook meals for two or five people or spend $75 or $250 for your weekly food consumption at home. Planning meals will transform your life for the better.

Reduce Stress And Increase Fun

meal planning with family

Cooking is an excellent family bonding activity, but not if you’re pressed for time or out of ingredients. Sometimes coming up with a dinner plan, let alone cooking, is the last thing you want after a long day in the office or after loads of chores at home.

Having a menu board eases up the stress as you get to plan meals ahead of time, prepare the ingredients you need, and set everyone’s expectation so they don’t keep asking what’s up. 

When you plan meals, get the whole family involved. Ask what everyone would like to see on the menu. Perhaps the mister will make dinner on a Tuesday and lunch on a Sunday. Perhaps one of the kids will make the omelet while another will prep the toast. You can add meal assignments to your board. When you look at it this way, planning meals and the actual cooking become a shared family responsibility and give you, super-mom, a much-deserved breather. 

Plan according to everyone’s schedule and food preference. In case something comes up—say, a last-minute lunch invitation—ditch the plan. And you can even plan not to cook and order takeout instead. You can be as flexible as you want, depending on your wants and needs and those of your family.

Eat Healthy And Save Money

healthy meal planning

The fast-food industry is not going out of business anytime soon even with the pandemic upon us. But chances are, you
willorder some takeout, and that’s perfectly fine—unless you do it all the time. Add your take-out nights to the menu and have something for everyone to look forward to.

Eating at home more often will lead to healthy life changes that benefit the whole family. You’ll notice other benefits as well. For instance, when you know what you’re cooking, you’re less likely to buy ingredients you won’t need. That means you save money over time. And when you cook, cook just enough or plan to use leftover food for the next meal. That’s one way of helping the planet by reducing food waste.  

More importantly, you and your family will have more time to enjoy meals together. Does that sound like a good plan?

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