June 22, 2020

Summer season is finally here; it is an exciting time for everyone. For the kids, it signals freedom from the busy school work and more time for playing. It is the time of the year where parents get to see their kids studying out-of-state and spend the summer days together camping by the lake or enjoying a BBQ party by the pool. With the warm beautiful weather, everyone can spend time doing fun summertime outdoor activities.

Aside from the fun leisure activities, the summer season is also a great opportunity for those who would like to redecorate their homes or put some personal touches on their apartment or condo bedrooms. You don’t even have to involve the pros and just be creative on your own. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your interior a fresher and more elegant look is with wall decorations. 

If you are a nature-lover and specifically adore the sea because of its peaceful and calming feel, then fun mermaid decor can add a new look to brighten things up. Here are a few decor ideas that will help you achieve that tropical mermaid-spirit vibe in your living space.

1. Always be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Mermaid Then Always be a Mermaid Decorative Wood Sign


Always Be A Mermaid Sign

To remind you every day that you are beautiful and unique, whether you are a mermaid or not. The attractive ocean blue color of this wooden mermaid sign will pop out in a plain white background, adding attraction to a room. It is also a perfect summer gift to your family or friends who love the sea and its creatures dearly.

2. Hang Underwater-themed Posters on Your Wall

This serves as a perfect addition to your mermaid room without having to sacrifice floor space. All you need is to be creative in arranging these underwater-themed posters on the wall and maybe install some blue fairy lights to maintain the mermaid vibe during the night. You can use your free time during the summer to think of a poster design that you can put up on your own or collect some from your local craft stores.

3. Mermaid Kisses and Star-wishes Decorative Wood Sign

Mermaid Kisses Sign

This mermaid sign from the Honey Dew Gifts summer decor collection is sure to brighten up your day. The mermaid silhouette and artistic letter signs in this wall art will surely attract everyone’s attention and will serve as a great accent to any space. Make this a perfect gift to the person you shared some mermaid secrets with

4. Paint Your Wall with Dreamy Ocean Blue

To set the scene, repaint your room walls with dreamy ocean blue and you will never feel being away from the sea again. You can ask an artist family member or friend to work on the project with you or if you are crafty enough, feel free to unleash your mermaid imagination starting with water tone walls. For a full-on mermaid-spirit vibe, add a few paint cans and continue painting up to the ceilings.

5. Choose Watery Colors For Your Curtains or Bedding & Pillows

Beach Theme Pillows

Pillows can add that extra touch for accent colors and design. Curtains help improve privacy in a room but it can also be used for aesthetic purposes. If you are going to hang curtains or drapes in your mermaid room, shop these window products in watery colors like blue, aqua, green, and purple. This creates the feeling of being under the waves. You may do the same with your blankets and sheets.

6. Cover Your Walls With Mermaid Scale Wallpaper Design

Hand screen printed mermaid wallpaper is perfect for decorating the kid’s bathroom. You can find this mermaid scale patterned design in different colors such as blue, turquoise, green, and lilac. For more glamour in a room, choose the mermaid wallpaper design with sprinkles of silver glitter. Compared to painting a wall that can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, using wallpapers is easier and ideal for those living in rental properties. Wallpapers are quick to install and remove for reuse when you are planning to move out.

7. Bring in The Shells From The Beach

Sea Shell Picture Frame

Put your shell collection to use by creating shell frames for your bedroom photos. Share this DIY project with your family members and you will surely have a good time while staying productive. You can also make a shell-encrusted mirror with accents like faux pearls, gems, or stones. For this DIY mermaid project, all you need is a glue gun and some cleaned shells you collected from the beach or you can always buy some from your local craft stores.

8. Put Mermaid or Sea-themed Figurines On Display

Your mermaid paradise will never be complete without sea animals in sight, so don’t forget to include the beach figurines on your next shopping list. There are multiple sea-animal figurine designs for you to choose from; you may opt for an in-store purchase of the products or order them online. If you are worried about bringing breakables into your room, toss in some cuddly stuff toy marine friends instead.

9. Throw the Fishing Net Decor on the Walls

A decorative fishing net will serve as a perfect headboard backdrop for your mermaid room. It adds a coastal look to your walls, and it is very useful for hanging photos. This fishing net wall decor will look best when complemented with seashells and lit up with string lights at night. For a more personalized touch, you may create your own fish net from twine by following available video tutorials online.

10. Complete Your Mermaid Paradise With An Under-the-sea Canopy

Under The Sea Canopy

Live the sea-princess life with the under-the-sea canopy available in multiple colors and designs. You can hang it over the bed or use it as a fun playroom accent, turning the little one’s space magical. This mermaid decor comes in a wide array of standard designs and sizes. You may also request a customized canopy product that will best match your room style or color.

Get your mermaid on this summertime!

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