August 24, 2020

“A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.” Whoever said this line hits the nail right on the head. Grandparents are indeed quite special!

Most grandkids don’t spend a lot of time with their grandparents, but they instinctively know their doors and their arms are always open for them. 

They know grandpa and grandma will come to the rescue when mom and dad get too hard on them. They know their grandparents will always have the time to listen to them vent their frustrations.

They will always be ready with something fresh from the oven or a steaming casserole when they need to nurse their broken hearts. Grandparents have all the remedies in the world, from herbs and spices to snippets of wisdom.

Now that Grandparents Day is right around the corner, what can we do to make this a memorable one for them? Because grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren more than receiving gifts, here are fun activities you can do with yours to make Grandparents Day extra fun and special.

These are activities you can do at any time of the year, not just on Grandparents Day.


Homeschool with grandmomBecause school is just gaining momentum, it’s the perfect opportunity to let Grandparents try something they may have never done before: homeschool grandkids! Imagine them teaching a subject or two or leading a “class” discussion. With their practical wisdom, that should be interesting. 

An art and craft class, with lots of coloring or painting, will be easy and fun to do. Alternatively, collage-making, including lots of their pictures with the grandkids, is a sweet bonding activity.

Don’t forget to show off the children’s first day of school memorabilia. If they don’t have any yet, set up a photo-taking session with grandma and grandpa and complete your props with chalkboard-style back-to-school in signs. 

Including grandparents in their grandkids’ school activities is such a sweet gesture. Try to do this throughout the school year.


We always assume grandparents know they are dear and loved, don’t we? They probably do, but why not express love and appreciation verbally? If doing so is awkward and out of character for you, take advantage of Grandparents Day. 

A heartfelt “I appreciate having you around” or “I love you, Nana and Papa” or something like that will surely brighten their day beyond compare. However, a letter is a great alternative too. Recall fond memories together and express how you love them.

Nobody will mind a sappy letter. Chances are, the letter will end up in a pile of treasures to be retrieved and re-read many times over by grandma and grandpa.


Prepare a big luncheon for the family in grandma’s kitchen or deck the back patio for dinner under the stars. Ask grandma for her favorite recipes or lend her a hand while she cooks. Grandmothers love passing down recipes to younger generations, so if you don’t have them yet, write them down.

In return for grandma’s recipes, gift her a sweet kitchen towel that sums up what you think of her or surprise her with a funny wall decor. These are gifts that will brighten her kitchen even more.

This is a good time to take out your cell phone or your camera and document grandma in action or make a video of her cooking. It’s a wonderful keepsake that you will surely treasure for the rest of your life.


Grandparents and grandson walking together

If it’s possible to go outdoors in your area, being mindful of social distancing measures of course, have a picnic with grandma and grandpa.

Find a good spot to spread a blanket, catch up, have fun with the kids, and enjoy a meal or some snacks. Grandpa may also enjoy some fishing time so prepare everything you need, including drinks. 

And while you’re all having fun, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Frame the best image and send it their way with sincere dedication.


Ever wonder how long it’s been since grandpa and grandma bust some moves on the dance floor? Well, wonder no more. 

Convert their patio to a dance arena. Hang some string lights to set the mood and play music that will take them back to their days of glory. As usual, don’t forget to prepare food and drinks and be ready to show off some of your own moves. 

Most importantly, slow dance with your grandparents one at a time. It will paint a huge smile on their faces.


Like popping some old-school music, playing their favorite movies will surely be a hit. You may either hang a projector against a patio wall or gather around in the entertainment area and watch together. 

This idea is easy to accomplish and will take your grandparents back in time. Be prepared for lots of old Hollywood gossip, so make sure you have either pizza or popcorn or both. Don’t rush to end your movie night. If you may spend the night, do so and look forward to a breakfast together.


A date is probably the last thing on their mind, so take them out to one. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and ask your grandparents to dress up. Surprise your grandmother with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and choose your grandfather’s favorite wine.

Another great idea is to put grandma and grandpa on a date by themselves. It’s probably been some time since their last one, so this should be an exciting little adventure for them. Set everything in placeーthe table, the dishes, the flowers, the wine. You pay for everything and even offer to drive them to and from their date.


Grandparents family vacation

If they don’t have time to enjoy themselves or if they hardly go anywhere, it’s time to send your grandparents off to a staycation someplace not crowded, but with lots of scenic views and activities to enjoy.

Some grandparents enjoy touring historical sights while others want to rent an RV to see canyons, lakes, and forested areas. Some may simply want to chill by the beach. Why not make their wish come true?

Search for bread-and-breakfasts, inns, or resorts. Ask about their social distancing protocols and make reservations for your grandparents. If it’s possible, join them and have a blast. 

Grandparents Day is the perfect opportunity to let grandparents know they are loved and appreciated. They are blessings to be thankful for. 

What will surely make grandparents happy are not expensive gifts you can buy from fancy stores. It’s the little gestures of love and care from their loved ones that will make them smile from the heart. It’s the priceless gifts that only you can give them. 

Have a happy and memorable Grandparents Day! 

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