August 20, 2020

Studies reveal that your mood in the morning stays the same for the rest of the day. So, if you started your day feeling angry, grumpy, or flustered it will affect your productivity but if you start your day in a good mood, you’ll be happier, calmer and more productive throughout the day. Your efficiency largely depends on your morning mood. 

Sure, life is made up of good days and bad days but what people don’t know is that you can control circumstances to prevent any more bad days. One of the reasons why parents are stressed out is because they haven’t established an organized routine for their kids. You must understand that kids are innately carefree. They are unconcerned about the effects of their behavior, which is why the responsibility of disciplining them falls on you. 

If you want to make your mornings smooth and hassle-free, we recommend you create a positive and organized morning routine for your kids, so you’ll have more good days than bad. With this routine, you can finally say goodbye to frantic and rushed mornings. You can prepare your kids and yourself for the day without missing or forgetting anything. Let’s start!

#1 Reconnect

Betsy Brown Braun, a Child Development and Behavior Specialist said that nighttime signifies separation for your kids. It makes sense because in the morning, kids want to interact and play with us. This is going to be a problem for working parents since you’re also trying to tick off your own to-do list.

Are you going to sacrifice the needs of your child to save yours? The answer is NO. There are ways to connect with your child without disrupting your own routine. It only takes a few minutes to make them feel better. The following are effective tips for reconnecting:

  • Snuggle with them for 5 minutes
  • Walk with them down the stairs and hold their hand
  • Practice deep breathing exercises together
  • Have breakfast together and talk about school

When you connect well with your kids, they are likely to follow your directives. Experts believe that when you reestablish your bond in the morning after a long night of being away, the rest of the day will be smooth not just for you but for everyone in the family. With this, you should prioritize morning bonding time even if it’s just a couple of minutes. When you have a good bond with your children it wouldn’t be hard for them to follow your commands.

For a successful bond, we recommend you wake up earlier than your kids’ waking time. Have a cup of coffee or drink your morning juice for energy and then when the kids are awake you can focus your energy on them. In that way, you’ll feel less stressed.

#2 Create A Structured Routine

Morning Routine Sign

How do you smoothly transition your kids from being relaxed at home to being busy at school? The answer is easy – make a morning routine. With a routine in place, they’ll know exactly what to do next so you don’t have to keep on reminding and nagging them. We suggest you create a specific spot in your home where your kids can start organizing for the day. This is the place where you can put up a visual morning checklist sign and provide supplies to remind them what to do next.

Examples of these include:

  • A small table for their school backpacks
  • Bins to place their homework and folders in
  • A checklist for everything that your kids need to accomplish in the morning 

When you put up those visuals talk to your kids about them. Enumerate every item in the checklist and ask them if there is anything that confuses them. Verbal reminders can be draining on your part and it’s also vexing on theirs.

 #3 Affirmations

Affirmations help create a positive mind. Start your day with affirmations. According to studies, speaking words of affirmation can transform our thinking and improve the way we see things. Incorporating this into your morning routine will encourage and motivate your kids throughout the day.

Affirmation involves 3 important elements – language, visualization, and implementation.

In language, use positive words such as “I am going to be productive today”, “I am good”, and “I am kind”. Visualization requires spending a couple of minutes envisioning yourself experiencing those positive emotions and words of affirmation. This is an important step to connect your words with your feelings. Implementation is about believing in what you just said. Even if the affirmation feels wrong given your circumstance you must practice it more and more until it becomes real to you.

We recommend you write words of affirmation in pieces of paper and place them inside a jar. Tell your kids to get one piece of paper every morning before they leave for school.

 #4 Prepare Your Home

Relaxed Morning Routine

Positivity starts in your home. There are plenty of ways to create a positive environment for your children. You can hold hands, snuggle, or hug them in the morning or when they come home from school. You can also make eye contact when they talk to you to let them know you have their undivided attention.

It also helps to play calming music in your home as this helps you and your kids relax. If your kids are not asthmatic or if they don’t suffer from allergic rhinitis, you can light some scented candles or turn your diffuser on and pour a few drops of essential oils.

#5 Practice 

Imposing a morning routine for your children won’t be successful the first time. They can forget, make mistakes and you may even have to verbally remind them a couple times despite having visuals and a printed checklist. Don’t let these discourage you. Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t set your expectations too high especially when you’ve just started out.


With these effective and time-tested tips, you can create beautiful and happy mornings for your family. These strategies are not only helpful today, but they can be very useful in the long run as they become ingrained in your children’s mind and behavior, making them a part of who they are.

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