July 17, 2020

Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house as it is used multiple times in a day. Adding a new bathroom will make your home living more convenient for your growing family or when relatives come over during the holidays. If you are on a tight decorating budget, installing a half bath instead of a full bathroom can cut the installation cost in half.

While half bath spaces in most homes look small and basic, yours does not have to be. There are a lot of ways you can turn around a basic half-bath and make it one of your home’s best assets. Here are 5 easy decor ideas that will spruce up your half bath or guest bathroom.

Focus on the Room’s Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom Lighting

If your half bath position in the house prohibits you from taking advantage of natural light during the daytime, you will have to resort to installing lighting fixtures to make the space highly usable day in and day out. However, a one-lighting setup in your half bath will not give you the room upgrade you desire. 

One of the most important elements of design is layer lighting. Designers use three layers of light: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.  Ambient lighting provides the overall illumination of a room and uses overhead lighting, such as chandeliers and flush-mount ceiling lighting fixtures.

The second layer of light or accent lighting highlights the prominent designs in a room and usually includes track lighting, uplighting, wall sconces, and even rope lights.

Meanwhile, task lighting, as its name suggests, provides lighting for performing specific tasks in an area and commonly uses desk lamps, vanity lighting, and under cabinet lighting. 

Tip: Instead of using separate fixtures for each layer of lighting, use one fixture to serve two lighting purposes. You can use the down lights for both accent lighting and general illumination or a wall sconce to serve both as an accent and task lighting.

Brighten Up the Walls

Vibrant Painted bathroom.jpg

There is no better way to achieve a specific design theme in your powder room or half bath than by painting the walls. If you have a small half bath space, you can make it look bigger and more spacious by painting the walls with pale colors. Vibrant paint colors, on the other hand, can help you create a fun and youthful vibe in a room.

To brighten up a half bath space without any windows,  it is highly recommended to use paint colors icy blue, soft green, cream, white, pink, yellow, and aqua. You may also decide on a color combination that reflects your lifestyle and personality. 

Another option for decorating your bathroom walls is wallpaper installation. Wallpapering offers unlimited benefits, from the availability of multiple designs, patterns, and colors to low-cost maintenance and easy installation and removal. The perfect wallpaper options for your bathroom include vinyl and mylar which are both washable.

Upgrade to Elegant Flooring

Vibrant Painted bathroom.jpg

Installing the right flooring type for your bathroom is crucial for the safety of everyone. Accidents can occur if you fail to set up a slip-resistant flooring, such as installing tiles with grout lines to provide more traction and placing rubber mats in high moisture areas in your bathroom.

However, aside from functionality, you have to consider your flooring’s aesthetic appeal if you want to give it a fresher and more elegant look. 

Among the recommended flooring options for improving a bathroom’s overall aesthetics are sheet vinyl, ceramic tiles, cork and linoleum, and stone tiles.

If you are working on a tight budget, you can opt for vinyl flooring which works extremely well for bathrooms. Vinyl is way cheaper than stone flooring and can mimic both ceramic and wood. Unlike tile flooring, vinyl flooring does not get as cold or slippery.

Add Storage Spaces

Vibrant Painted bathroom.jpg

A small space half bath can easily look crowded when you overwhelm it with designs or fixtures. To save up floor space and make your half bath look more spacious, try to install hanging cabinets.

Hanging cabinets or floating cabinets is a new design trend for bathroom storage. Aside from providing a unique touch to a bathroom space regardless of the existing layout and color scheme, these cabinets also allow quick access to the things you need every day.  

Providing additional storage for your towels, spare toilet paper, and other toiletries will help you reduce the clutter in the room in an instant. Investing in bathroom cabinetry is not only an easy and fast solution, but it also does not require high installation costs. You can even make use of the old cabinets in your house and simply give them a makeover.

Replace the Basic Mirror

Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors play a very significant role in every bathroom. It can do so much more than helping you put that makeup on and prep up every day. The mirrors in your bathroom are major design elements that enhance the overall appearance and vibe of a room. Choosing a creatively designed mirror can add style to your half bath.

To achieve a specific style in your bathroom, you cannot just add any mirror. It has to come in the perfect shape and size. If you have a low bathroom ceiling, you can use long mirrors to lengthen the overall look of the room. To add a touch of softness, you may opt for round mirrors which can also blend seamlessly with any room design.

It is important to choose a vanity mirror that is both convenient for use and goes well with your bathroom’s overall decoration. LED-lit mirrors are now being used in most homes today as it provides a realistic reflection and offers additional light in the room.

Proper planning is key to achieving your desired results in home decoration. Before you start redoing your home’s half bath, make sure that you have finally settled on a design and carefully tackled the project cost. Lastly, do not try to do the work alone, your family and friends will surely be willing to lend you a hand.

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