July 20, 2020

Adding a half bath to your home will benefit you a lot, especially if you like holding parties in your home. With a bathroom space dedicated for guest use just near the entertaining area, you do not have to worry about people getting lost in the house on their way to the main bathroom. However, if you want to be a great host, consider giving your half bath an elegant makeover. 

You do not necessarily have to hire a professional remodeler to make that happen, all you need is to spend some time and effort in planning a DIY project. If you are up for it, check out these top 5 DIY tips for half bath decorating that will surely impress your guests.

Install Modern Style Wallpaper

wallpaper bathroom

One of the easiest ways to enhance the overall look of a half bath space is through wallpaper installation. Compared to a repainting job that could take your entire day applying paint plus the additional hours for drying, wallpapering can be completed in just a few hours and with less effort. 

Wallpaper installation is a cheaper alternative to new tiles replacement. If you do not want your guests to see the out-dated tile walls in your half bath but still cannot afford a full tile wall redo, you can always go for the affordable wallpaper products available in a wide array of colors, patterns, and designs. 

Wallpapering a tile wall does not mean you will directly cover the tiles with wallpaper. That would make an ugly sight. First, you need to remove the old tiles and any remnants of glue, then re-plaster the wall before applying the wallpaper. 

There is also one way you can skip the labor-intensive tile removal, which is using plasterboard as a surface for hanging wallpaper. This second method is preferable if you have plans to get new tiles later on since the plasterboard can easily be removed.

Bring in the Plants

half bath shower plants

Give your half bath a lively and refreshing vibe with indoor plants. When positioning indoor plants, what usually comes to mind is displaying them somewhere central, like your bedroom or living room. People rarely consider bringing the plants inside the bathroom since they might not be able to grow there.

However, there is actually a specific type of plant that can thrive in high humidity, making them the perfect plants for your bathroom space. These are the so-called “shower plants,” which include air plants, moth orchids, earth stars, staghorn fern, lucky bamboo,  spider plant, calathea, pothos, and peace lily.

Aside from adding beauty and helping transform your half bath, shower plants are also beneficial to your health. Shower plants are great for improving the air quality around your bathroom, helping absorb excess moisture, and getting rid of any lingering bacteria in the air.

Studies revealed that indoor plants remove up to 87 percent of air toxins within 24 hours. Seeing greenery and nature will surely lift the mood of your guests, helping them feel more relaxed and calm. 

Shower plants are very easy to take care of. The amount of water these plants need will depend on the temperature in your bathroom and the amount of sunlight that enters. As a general rule, make sure to water the plants when the pot soil feels dry.

Replace the Old Vanity Mirrors

Half bath mirror

Aside from using the toilet, party guests usually go to the bathroom to check how they look or retouch their makeup. So, a lot of attention will surely go to your bathroom mirror. If you want to dress up your half bath to impress, make sure to carefully choose your vanity mirror. 

When picking the best bathroom mirror, choose a design that does not crowd or take up your limited wall space—about 60 to 70 percent the width of your vanity is ideal. Another benefit of installing the right bathroom mirror is that it can serve as a style statement, adding both beauty and the illusion of a bigger space in your half bath. 

If you can’t seem to find the right mirror in furniture shops, try visiting the antique store. There are a lot of elegant pieces that you can find in the antique store, which you can customize to match your personal taste and style.

Switch to Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Lighting installations offer beauty and convenience in any space. If your half bath does not have any windows, installing lighting fixtures becomes a necessity as it will make your bathroom highly usable day in and day out. Save on your monthly energy bills by getting a dimmer switch to fit with the fixture. Half bath lighting

Dimmer switches let you create a variety of effects in your half bath space, providing you the option of a bright light and night light. When lighting your vanity mirror, ideal fixture placements would be above the mirror,  beside the mirror, and on the mirror. Recessed lighting is another wise option as it neatly blends into the architecture. 

To safely replace your old bathroom lighting, remember to turn off and tape off the breaker to any circuit you’re working on and ready your insulated tools and insulated gloves. If you suspect serious issues with your home’s lighting system, it is better to leave the replacement job to a licensed professional.

Display Some Art Pieces & Decor

Half bath art work decor

 Make your half bath comfortable and luxurious in look and feel by featuring artwork that goes along with the decor. Popular options for bathroom artwork displays include framed pictures, prints, hanging plates, vintage paintings, graphic art, and metalwork. Unique hanging bathroom signs can add an element of design as well.

To achieve a cohesive style and avoid a crowded look in your bathroom walls, always consider the wall’s paint color or wallpaper design and the sizes of your artwork. 

One big issue when displaying artworks in the bathroom is humidity. If you pick artworks in canvas or with glass or glazing, it may easily get damaged by moisture, staining or matting the pieces. However, this can be offset by opening the bathroom windows to let some fresh air in and keep humidity at bay.

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