June 03, 2020

Don’t let social distancing dampen your Father’s Day celebration. In fact, step up your game and make sure you let the most important men in your life—dad, husband, grandpa, and other father figures—know that you appreciate them. 

Unlike women, men don’t usually keep a list of wants, so getting them presents can be quite a challenge. Ask them what they want and you’ll most likely hear “nothing that I can think of” or “I’m good.” And they’re most probably happy and content just the way they are—except there were probably times when, in passing, they mentioned about this or that that they want to try, or this or that that needs to be replaced.

If you’re constantly around each other and you pay careful attention, then you know where to start, but if you’re clueless, well, that’s what we’re here for. 

Here are unique Father's Day gift ideas to help make the day extra special this year.


Father's Day Dinner

If daddy loves his wine, he will appreciate a nice decanter. Decanting is a simple process that separates wine, especially aged reds, from sediments that have accumulated over time. The process eliminates the bitter-tasting sediments and awakens the flavors and aromas of wine, something dads will notice and enjoy whether or not they are wine aficionados.  

Since you’re most likely skipping dinner at your favorite restaurant this Father’s Day, have a memorable one at home, al fresco if possible. And let dad enjoy the flavors of his wine courtesy of his new decanter. Salute!


To the SkiesDrone

If technology doesn’t intimidate your father, hook him up with a drone. Drones have quickly become game changers plying the skies. Farmers, engineers, scientists, photographers, and many others use them for businesses and big-scale projects, but drone-flying is also a perfect leisure activity for men (and women) who are social distancing at home. 

With a drone, your dad can explore places like parks, hiking trails, lakes, and neighborhoods, without leaving the comforts of his own yard. It’s important to note, however, that there are dos and don'ts of drone-flying, and we highly recommend you go over them with your dad. One thing is for sure, though, your father is guaranteed to get a kick out of this new experience.

Up to Par


He doesn’t have to be a Tiger to deserve custom balls—golf balls, of course. If you’re getting a gift for a golf enthusiast, add a personal touch. Nothing warms the heart more than a picture of a grandchild or the family printed on a golf ball. Alternatively, something more classic is to print a name or initials instead of a picture.

Either way, and without so many words, you’re acknowledging your dad’s talent, passion, or attempts at the sport. If your gift ends up on a display shelf rather than on the grass, you’ll know you scored big time.

Smokin’ it


The barbecue month may be over, but if you have a grill master or a foodie for a dad, any time is a good time for some delicious smoked meat, fruits, and veggies. A new grill set will be a great addition to your father’s repertoire.   

What type of grill should you look for?

Look for one that works for your budget and your father’s lifestyle and grilling space. A charcoal grill is an affordable classic that creates great smoky flavors that we all love, but it is messier to use compared to gas grills. Gas grills give excellent temperature control and are easy to use and maintain. It is, however, bulkier and more expensive.

A portable grill is yet another great option. It is generally more expensive than a charcoal grill, but it’s perfect for folks who love camping or heading to the beach. So definitely consider it if dad is the outdoorsy type.

Gone Fishing


“All Americans believe that they are born fishermen. For a man to admit a distaste for fishing would be like denouncing mother-love or hating moonlight.”

We can’t tell if this John Steinbeck line resonates with your husband and/or your dad, but if it does, set a fishing time with your dad pronto, or encourage the husband to take your kids out fishing. Better yet, get grandpa, the hubby, and the kids on a little fishing adventure. 

Fishing is a wonderful outdoor activity that gives family members time to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a great time to learn practical fishing tips as well as life hacks from older (and wiser) family members too.

Power Up

Power Tools Father's gift

What is it about power tools that make men gravitate toward them? Whatever it is, power tools are fail-safe Father’s Day presents. If you know your way through your dad’s tool shed or garage, see what’s missing from his collection and get him those. Or get an upgrade like a digital tape measure. It’s a small tool that will completely make his tasks easier. 

Wielding power tools means taking control and being in charge. Imagine cutting a piece of wood into pieces or barreling through concrete. What man can resist to display their power and might?

Tune Up 

Record Turntable Father's Gift

Yes, turntables are no longer a thing of the past. They’re here to stay for good with modern add-ons like Bluetooth capability, USB recording, crisp and clear sounds, built-in speakers, and many more. When choosing one, ease of use and sound quality should be your foremost considerations. You are, after all, not buying for a club but for your beloved dad. 

Throw in additional vinyl records if you want extra points. Finally, on Father’s Day, let Tom Jones, the great Sinatra, or the king of rock ’n’ roll greet him. See if that doesn’t make his day.

Parting Shot

Father and Baby

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but take a moment to think about your dad and his likes and passion. Chances are, there were too many times he put your likes and passion ahead of his own. Now is payback time.   

We hope you take advantage of Father’s Day and let the important men in your life know they are so, so loved.

Happy Father’s Day!

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