August 06, 2020

Upgrading a pool patio is one of the best projects you can do at home. It’s a wonderful place where you can bond with family and friends or simply hang out by your lonesome to catch some much-needed break. 

During these times, when some are self-isolating, working from home, homeschooling, or simply living life the best way possible, a jaw-dropping patio that complements a beautiful pool is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. Admit it—we all need a place where we can escape to. 

From adding plants, to outdoor furniture to hanging pool signs and a designated space for the kids can create a welcoming environment that will encourage more outdoor time.

So here are some decor ideas to help you maximize your pool patio space and make it the best hang out place for you and the family to enjoy.

Go Green

Plants are not just trendy because they are beautiful to look at. They are actually important to keep the air clean and fresh, something we all need now. 

As far as using them as decor, plants are always an all-time favorite. They add visual interest, contrast, texture, and even drama to a space—all the right ingredients to make a space appealing and inviting. 

If you suffer from too much eye strain, close your eyes for a few seconds then look at something green, like plants. They are soothing to the eyes, and many will go as far as saying they are soothing to the soul.  

If you’ve never owned a real plant before, take heart, knowing that you don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to start your own garden. Going green has become easier these days, thanks to low-maintenance indoor and outdoor plants and the plentiful care instructions available online. 

If space is limited, a vertical wall garden will do the trick, which is perfect for herbs and hanging plants. For a rustic touch, opt for distressed display shelves, like the popular ladder style, which are very easy to DIY or score from hardware stores or home depots. 

If you’re still uncertain, cactuses and succulents are your best bets; however, don’t shy away from planting herbs and veggies. Planting the food we serve on our table, or some of it anyway, is special and something we should look forward to.

Invest in All-Weather Furniture

Wicker Furniture

Synthetic-weave furniture is the way to go if you want outdoor furniture pieces that will last you a long, long time. If you’re on a tight budget, choose at least one or two pieces of all-weather wicker instead of a whole gamut made from cheap materials. 

All-weather wicker furniture will withstand the changing seasons, comes in different colors and designs, and looks beautiful even after years of use, giving more value to your money.

Get The Right Grill

Complete your patio experience with the best and the juiciest grilled dishes. It’s easy enough to achieve, providing you have the right grill equipment. 

Grilling, like cooking and baking, relieves stress, but not if you’re stuck with an unreliable grilling tool, so read ourtips to find the right grill for you and prepare to wow your family and friends with mouth-watering dishes. 

t’s important to keep clean flour sack kitchen towels within easy reach in your grilling station and in your dining area. After all, a dirty towel is such a turn-off, considering the germs it can spread around.

Give the kids Space

Kids love pool time, but when they aren’t swimming and splashing about, let them exhaust their imagination by dedicating a space in your backyard just for them. A sandpit in one corner would be nice, or bring out the slide, the swing, and the rope ladder to ensure the kids get much-needed physical activity.

It’s unfortunate that school kids have to do without their classmates and their usual playmates, but encourage them to have fun outdoors so they aren’t always glued to their gadgets or to the TV screen. 

We know recreational activities and physical exercises are important to a child’s physical, emotional, and mental development, so mom and dad, do provide them with their own space where they can be just kids.

String Some Lights

String of Lights

No outdoor chill area is ever complete without proper lighting for late-night conversations, outdoor dining, or even plain stargazing. So stay out well into the night with the warm and romantic glow of string lights overhead.

If those aren’t enough, get lanterns or candles. Their soft glow instantly sets the right mood for an enjoyable evening outdoor.

Dine Outdoors

Forget about making a dinner reservation somewhere and start prepping one at home. For a welcome change of scene, move a dining table to your pool patio and set it up for a fancy dinner or a casual family meal.

A huge rectangular table, with rustic country feels, may be decked with flowers, candles or lanterns, and a few trinkets to make it extra special. Mismatched chairs are charming, but if you need to seat more people, go for a long bench.  

If you simply want to enjoy your takeout in the patio, that works just as well too. After all, it’s the company, and the right ambiance, that makes for a great dining experience.

Lounge Around

Lounge around in your pool patio and treat yourself to little breaks during the day. Your back and your legs, not to mention your mind, will definitely thank you for it. 

When shopping for a lounge chair, it’s important to choose chairs that you are comfortable with. Some people are happy with durable, all-weather wicker lounges while others need adjustable ones with cushions.

Either way, try it out before making a purchase or, if you’re getting one online, read reviews and product descriptions carefully.

Use A Patio Umbrella

Red Pool Umbrellas

Huge umbrellas accentuate a pool patio, but more importantly, they block off harmful UV rays and protect valuables in case of unexpected rain showers. 

Don’t settle for the standard white or gray outdoor umbrella. Instead, look for something that will complement the overall look of your backyard or something that will add a pop of color.

These days, there are many designs you can choose from that settling for something that doesn’t wow you, or at the very least spark joy in you, is a mortal sin. That said, get the best patio umbrella you can find.

Roll In The Cart

Save yourself the constant trip back into the house by gathering essentials—think beverages, munchies, sunblock and bug sprays, sunnies, extra towels, etc.—in a rolling outdoor cart. 

Outdoor carts come in different materials and finishes. Choose one that will meet your needs and add visual interest to your backyard decor.

We hope these ideas will get you started on your pool patio makeover. Send us pictures of your projects or tell us about it in the comments section below.

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