September 14, 2020

As far as we know, all girls are drawn to unicorns. Who doesn’t love glitters, fairy lights, pastel colors, and cute rainbows? This mythical creature has become a source of inspiration in the toy industry for years now. Most if not all kid stores offer unicorn-inspired toys and apparel from stuffed unicorns to headbands, shirts, tutus, shoes, and many more.  

If your girls are obsessed with anything that has to do with unicorns why don’t you create a unicorn-inspired bedroom for them and make it your next makeover project? Trust us, a unicorn themed bedroom is a trend that will never go out of style. The play of mesmerizing colors is sure to inspire your kids. The amazing thing about unicorn-inspired rooms is they are not just for kids. We’re surprised that a lot of teenagers and adults redesigned their bedrooms and turn them into a magical place filled with pastel hearts, unicorns, and shimmering glitter. 

 Do you want to transform your kid’s bedroom into a unicorn rainbow paradise? We’ve compiled 10 unicorn bedroom ideas that will make you not want to leave the house.

1. Minimalist Design 

minimalist design
No one is going to stop you if you want to go overboard with your pink but you can also opt for a minimalist approach by toning it down a little. Just because the colors are tamed and the hues are lighter doesn’t mean it’s not going to look nice. Although popular minimalist designs do not involve unicorns, you can create your version while still incorporating your love for pastels.

2. Have Your Own Unicorn Gallery

unicorn gallery
You can also create a beautiful artistic mess by using one wall of the room and turning it into a unicorn gallery. It’s okay to use one side and make it look busy as long as you keep the rest bare. Coordinate the colors well. If you have spare frames that come in different shades you can get your hands dirty and paint them yourself using various pastel colors like pink, yellow, and lavender.

Use Pinterest for ideas on how to arrange the frames for an organized gallery. Using one corner of their room as a gallery wall will allow your daughters to make their space more personal. They can hang posters, photos, Magical Like A Unicorn decorative wood sign home decor, and keepsakes as decorations. With a gallery wall, your kids can create an Instagram worthy spot in their room. 

3. Paint A Realistic Mural On Their Wall

unicorn mural

Instead of a unicorn gallery, you can create an artistic mural of a giant unicorn in your child’s bedroom wall. If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body you can hire a professional painter to make one. Your child is going to love it, especially if it looks realistic. Start looking for images online and let your child choose which design is best. 

4. Magical Pink Wallpapers

magical pink wallpaper
You can have the walls painted or you can shop for magical pink wallpapers for your child’s bedroom. Ask your daughter if she wants a plain or printed design. Also, ask about the shade whether she wants a hot pink wallpaper or baby pink. Once you know the specifics you can start shopping for wallpaper. If you get lucky, you might even find wallpaper with unicorn prints! We can imagine your daughter’s eyes twinkling in amazement once she sees her bedroom covered in blissful pink hues.

5. Unicorn Bed Sheets

unicorn bedsheets
If the walls are plain pink you can go extra with your bedsheets. Online, you can find dozens of unicorn-themed bed sheets that come in many different colors and designs. We recommend you get a complete set that includes pillow covers, flat sheets, fitted sheets, and a comforter or duvet for a uniformed look. 

6. Shop For Unicorn Bedroom Accessories

unicorn accessories
Be glad to know that your daughter isn’t the only one who loves unicorns. In fact, with the amount of unicorn-inspired bedroom decorations being sold in the market, we have reasons to believe that a lot of people have gone crazy over unicorns! Wall-mounted unicorns, desk lamps, plaques, wooden and porcelain frames, and decorative pillows!

 Whatever home and bedroom décor you can think of, there’s bound to be a unicorn design version of it. Add some accessories on your daughter’s bedside table, floating shelves, vanity dresser, and her desk and make her unicorn fantasy a reality. 

7. Look For Pastel Colored Smart Storage

Even if a bedroom is beautifully designed and decorated it can turn from fabulous to shabby in an instant if it’s teeming with clutter. To preserve your daughter’s unicorn dreamland fantasy we recommend you look for ottomans that come in pastel colors. These ottomans can be used as storage; you can also place them at the end of a couch and put your feet up as well as sit on them. You can store your girl’s notebooks, journals, and toys inside to keep the room clutter-free. And of course, make sure the colors you choose blend seamlessly with the rest of the room. 

8. Customize Drawers and Cabinets

customized drawers
Include customized drawers and cabinets made to add style to the bedroom. You can also display your decorative pieces on these drawers to add flare to the bedroom. If you are using printed wallpaper, you may want to skip adding prints in your cabinets and drawers. Instead, paint them in monochrome colors of shades of pink or lavender or whatever color you can find in the overall scheme of your daughter’s bedroom. 

9. Add An Accent Furniture For A Reading Nook 

reading nook
How about adding an accent furniture piece in one corner of the bedroom? You can put a soft rug, a beanbag, and a small lamp and use that corner as your reading nook. It’s a great place to hang out and would make a perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. 

10. Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Last but not least, complete the unicorn-inspired room by painting the ceiling. You can even add glitters for that sparkly effect.  

There you have it, 10 unicorn design bedroom ideas you can use if you plan to renovate your daughter’s bedroom. We are 100% confident that your daughter will adore it!

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