September 17, 2020

Is your front porch fall-ready?

As the new season settles in, decorating for the fall is a must to keep the atmosphere at home cozy, warm, and inviting. One of the first spots that many of us get excited about just thinking of fall-inspired decor is none other than the front porch and front yard. 

One, this season is for curbside decorations, and two, it gives us the perfect excuse to take our front porch decor to next level scary and crazy because of trick or treating, but hey, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

First, let’s aim to wow family and friends with a tasteful combination of eye-catching traditional favorites and unique autumn decor ideas. To get started, here are 7 creative ways to spruce up your front porch for the fall. 


Fall is for curbside appeal, and your front door should be the focal point of your swoon-worthy fall porch decor. 

Begin with a hanging fall door signs a hassle-free and budget-friendly way to dress up your door. Go for wooden signs that are durable, easy to maintain, and easy to store so you always have the option of re-using them year after year. 

Most hanging door signs come in pretty designs, so choose one that complements the overall look and the color palette that you’re going for.

If, however, you have no qualms flexing your DIY creativity, go for a fall door wreath, where you can go as grand or as simple as you like. With loads of tutorials available online, your patience and your creativity are your only limits when creating a door wreath. 

Paper, olive branches, dried leaves are the most common materials used to create a fall door wreath, but don’t be scared to think outside the box. Explore other materials like pine cones, corn husks, grapevine, wheat, and even discarded items in your house.  


scarecrows and pumpkins for fall decor

You got that rightーlet your autumn-inspired decor tell a story. 

 It’s easy to think of farmhouse-style, vintage, or rustic decorations, but it’s another thing to make them happen. The good news is, there’s nothing that a little creativity can’t solve as far as decorating is concerned.  

That said, repurpose an oldwheelbarrow or a wagon, place it by your front steps or your main door, and fill it with seasonal flowers. This would be the perfect time to get a scarecrow or two to stand by your decors and greet your guests. 

Your temporary valets, a.k.a. scarecrows, should look the part too, so dress them up in overalls or in apron pinafore dresses, draw up their faces, or sew buttons for eyes.  

To complete the look, add a small bale of hay on the side and/or dried corn stalks. Of course,    

no fall porch decor is complete without pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, and marigold mums.  


Nothing says “bountiful harvest” like an assortment of orange and tan pumpkins, mums, gourds, candle lanterns lined up from the curbside to your front door. Long magnolia-leaf garlands may be used as fillers and wound around decorations to fill up empty spaces. 

Mums are budget-friendly, so get as many as you can and place them in different-looking planters for visual interest. Wooden planters, antique-looking barn buckets, and crates give off a rustic vibe, but don’t stick to the usual.

Instead, as an alternative, transform your big-sized pumpkins to instant planters. Simply pour potting soil inside the pumpkins and plant away your marigold mums and whatnot. 


Create an idyllic spot to relax and enjoy the changing hues of nature brought about by the season. Autumn is the perfect time to rock a pair of rocking chairs (no pun intended!), complete with a side table with a rustic vignette on top.

You can also pull off the look even with patio wicker furniture. Simply add homey touches and easy accessories, such as dried florals and subtle wood decors, and let the seasonal color palette tie the look together.  

Rugs and throws in earthy tones and gingham pattern, with touches of orange and tan, make for a picture-perfect patio. Don’t forget your checkered throw and you’re all set for a nice nightcap.


fall color palette

Fall comes with a very distinct color palette that mimics nature and its continuous course. Use crimson, brick red, warm beige, caramel, and everything in between each color when decorating your front patio and you will never go wrong.  

These hues are warm and inviting and can instantly create a homey vibe even before you open your front door.   


Jack-o’-lanterns are seasonal favorites, but take your patio decor to the next level by decorating your curbside, your walkway, and your steps (if any) with different types and sizes of candle lanterns.

Candles cast a soft and sometimes eerie glow that adds to the appeal of the season, but while candle lanterns are usually safe, take extra precaution, especially when kids are around. 

String lights are great add-ons to light up your front porch. Hang them from tall branches of trees and around porch columns and porch railings and leave them there for the next season.    


jack-o-lanterns for fall decor

Carving a pumpkin to create jack-o’-lanterns is fun for kids and kids at heart, but don’t stop there. Dig in and make use of your pumpkins in some other creative ways. 

Use a pumpkin as a planter, as a mail holder, and as a candy holder for trick-or-treaters. You may also crave out or paint your house number on one side of a pumpkin. 


Update your doormat and welcome mat to match your patio decor. Doormats are supposed to be dirty, but know when they are beyond cleaning. Get doormats made from natural fiber since they are known to be more absorbent and usually last longer. 

Customize the welcome message on your mat and choose a design that matches the rest of your patio decor.

There you go! Seven ways (and a bonus) to spruce up your patio. Go make us proud and enjoy the bountiful harvest of the season.

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