July 22, 2020

How many seconds does it take for you to pass through your entryway until you make it to the front door and vice versa? If it takes you forever as you fight your way through a mountain pile of shoes and coats it’s time to give your entryway a makeover.

Nothing can be more exasperating than coming home to a disorganized entryway. When you’re stressed at work and you come home to a house that’s in complete disarray it will only aggravate your stress.

You can put an end to all this disorganization by giving your entryway a makeover. Here are several organization tips and hacks that you can do to make the most out of your entryway.

Start With A Color Palette

color palette

If you’re unsure what to do first we suggest you change the color palette of your entryway walls. However, before you get excited and choose your favorite shade make sure that the color will blend with the color scheme of your home.

The last thing you’d want is an entryway that will disrupt the aesthetics of your home’s interior. Once you’ve decided on a color palette it will be easier for you to pick out decors like baskets, lamps, artwork and rugs to complement your walls.

Make Your Entryway Functional

Console with draweres

Do you know that you can maximize every corner of your home? Yes, that includes your entryway. How do you make it functional? There are tons of ways to make your entryway functional. One example is to find a nice console table with drawers. In these drawers you can stash your mail inside to keep your entryway free from clutter.

You can also add decorative pieces to style it. If you already have an existing console table that doesn’t have built-in drawers you can buy a stylish tray to place your essentials like wallets, purses and keys. This tray will contain all the essentials that you may need when you’re about to leave the house.

Plan Your Layout

Planning the layout of your entryway is just as vital as the accents you choose to decorate it with. The goal is to design an entryway that’s spacious enough to allow you to walk through it without obstruction.

Remember, the whole point why you’re organizing it is to make that part of your house functional and not a nuisance. Ensure that the pathway leading outside is not cramped.

You should also factor in how your door swings open because if you place a table or a rack near the door without having enough space, the door might hit it ruining the furniture.

Shop For Decorative Storage Pieces

Storage doesn’t have to mean a bulky table with drawers. The storage you’ll find displayed in shops today is smartly designed that you can use it for decoration.

Since your entryway is basically the last part of your house you’ll pass through before leaving it’s expected that it will likely accumulate clutter.

However, you can keep it neat and tidy by shopping for smart storage where you can keep your kids’ toys, keys, packages, purses, so on and so forth.

Add Accent Decorations

accent decorations

We’ve checked off color palette and storage from our list, now it’s time to decorate! If you visit décor boutiques and shops you might find yourself overwhelmed because of the broad range of decorative items to choose from.

To narrow down your options we recommend choosing a theme. For example, if you want an earthy theme you may want to shop for items that are brownish, reddish or have greenish hues. If you love to travel you can display framed travel photos of your family and loved ones atop the console table.

For those who love arts, you can purchase your favorite artwork and hang it on the wall or buy abstract figurines that you can place on the table near the storage. There are tons of ideas you can find online but to make sure you know what you want we suggest you go for your passion.

You can always add a hanging sign that displays a message about your home or a quirky-funny saying as an accent to your design.

If you’re passionate about travel – make that your theme. If you love the arts, go in that direction. It’s your entryway so you have free reign on how you are going to decorate it.

Keep It Simple

Piece of advice, don’t go overboard with the decorations. In other words, don’t get carried away. You don’t need a lot of smart storage and decorations to make your entryway look nice. If you were to ask us we’d like to keep our entryways simple yet stylish.

Remember, you are only there to make your entryway look beautiful and functional so don’t bombard it with furniture and decorations because it will defeat the purpose of organizing it.


There you have it, your 2020 guide to organizing and prettifying your home’s entryway for less. You don’t have to do a major makeover you just have to know what to do with your space.

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