June 26, 2020

There’s no need to travel to some exotic beach to make the most of summer. One, it’s not the safest time to be on a plane, and two, anywhere in the world, health, rather than relaxation and leisure, is the top priority. 

That’s not to say we’re throwing fun out of the window and not taking advantage of the rest of summer—we are. We’re bringing the beach party vibe right to your own backyard. With careful planning, the right decor, and delish food and cold drinks, we’ll help you throw the perfect summer bash for you and your family. 

So here’s the lowdown of the summer fête we have in mind:

Choose a Theme: Tiki Bar

tiki inspiration

Anybody can throw a party, but choose an overarching theme to instantly upgrade yours. A theme will keep your outdoor ambiance cohesive and give your party a luxe feel without necessarily breaking the bank. 

For that unmistakable beach vibe, a tiki bar motif is the perfect choice. In essence, a tiki bar serves exotic-sounding beverages, a laid-back atmosphere, and a mix of cool summer music. It is reminiscent of the tiki culture in the tropics, specifically in Polynesia, so get your hula dance moves ready, fill your tables with loads of pineapples, and light up your tiki torches. It’s going to be one party you and your family won’t forget.

Tiki Decor

Tiki Bar Rules Sign

If you or someone in the family can DIY a tiki bar, go for it. It will serve as the party’s focal point, where drinks and good-flowing conversation are served. 

Complete your tiki drinks station with a tiki bar sign. They are affordable and very easy to use. Aluminum tiki signs are the best since they are durable and usually come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging.

Don’t forget tiki torches. They are must-haves to create an authentic tiki experience. Tiki torches add an exotic quality to a luau, providing a warm glow against the night. For additional lights, wrap dazzling string lights around trees and poles, hang them overhead, and party the night away.

Tropical Touches

Tropical touches


Tropical decors are very distinct and, thankfully, easy to score especially in summer. 

Flowers, like hibiscus and plumeria, are failsafe. Simply sprinkle your pool with plumeria petals, leave a trail of plumeria on the buffet table, or put hibiscus on huge colorful vases.

Show Up in Costumes

man wearing leis.jpg

Dress up for your tiki-themed party. Wear flower leis around the neck and the head or use them as floral anklets or bracelets. Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts are must-haves, and prepare a coconut bra in case anyone is game for it.

Keep the Drinks Flowing

summer cocktails.jpg

A tiki bar is nothing without a bevy of refreshing drinks. Ask someone to man your tiki station so you don’t get tied serving drinks or prepare drinks ahead of time and place them in a cooler. 

To wow your family even more, dress drinks with tiny cocktail umbrellas or slices of fruits and wrap drinking straws with washi tape. Allow the kids to blend their own juices and encourage  them to give their drinks exotic-sounding names while you enjoy yourpiña colada.

Bust Some Moves

woman dancing hula

Now is the best time to bring out the ukulele, but if that’s not your strongest suit, prepare an amazing playlist of everyone’s favorite summer jam, Hawaiian music, or a mix of well-loved jazz. The goal is to get everyone to enjoy themselves and bust some moves. In fact, a few hula moves would be interesting. Get everybody to participate by making an impromptu hula dance contest and be sure to make your prize enticing.

Spread a Delectable Feast on Your Table

Summer Dish

A luau is basically a feast so fill your buffet table with meat-and-fruit kebab, salads, fresh pineapple salsa, Hawaii fried rice, and many, many delectable dishes that will have your backyard crowd going for seconds or even thirds. After all is said and done, it’s your super satisfying dishes that will win you the outdoor party host award.

We hope your tiki-inspired backyard party will be a success. Can’t wait to hear your stories

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