October 13, 2020

Halloween is sneaking up on us so fast it’s almost here! If you haven’t had the chance to go out and shop for your Halloween costume, you’re probably freaking out now. More so if you have kids who are as excited as everyone else about wearing scary Halloween outfits. 

We can’t blame the kids, and you for that matter. Halloween, after all, is the perfect time to go all-out on our crazy and scary costumes, not to mention all the sweets from trick-or-treating and the awesome Halloween decor that turn neighborhoods into spook-tacular wonderlands. 

Well, we got you covered! Here are a few easy Halloween costumes that you can create at home. These costumes need minimal materials and are easy to make. They do, however, require a dose of creativity. Here’s hoping you complete your DIY Halloween costume in good time. Have fun! 


Here’s one look that is both easy to recognize and easy to pull off: Mary Poppins. Even a kid can pull off this look. All you need is a dark midi skirt, a blazer (better an equally dark one), and a white button-down. If that sounds like any other office look, it is, but a red ribbon tied around the neck will instantly transform it into a Mary Poppins outfit.


Minnie Mouse

Since 1928, Minnie Mouse has been a family favorite character. Many adults and kids love to DIY a Minnie Mouse costume because, most likely, you already have the materials needed to complete this costume.

Update a red tutu with round white cut-outs, get a black (or white) top and black tights, and you’re done! Finish off the costume with a Minnie Mouse headband that you can easily find in dollar stores, or as usual, you can DIY that too. 


Can’t get enough of your snake plants, philodendrons, and monsteras?  Say no more! Embrace the plant lady in you and dress like one this Halloween. 

A simple green garland, a small pot of real or artificial plant, a pair of rain boots, and a white shirt with “Plant Lady” printed in front will do the trick; however, there’s always room for more depending on your creativity, budget, and time. 

Faux leaves, for example, look great draped over the neck or across the chest of a green shift dress. And if you wear a pot made out of cardboard boxes, then you can transform to a plant rather than a plant lady. 


Throw on a bright yellow dress and a green head accessory, or green crown, and you’re good to go. That easy!


Skeleton Costume

It’s always a good idea to learn a last-minute no-sew DIY Halloween costume. A skeleton costume perfectly fits the bill. 

You may create a ribcage by cutting sections out of a shirt or by painting a black shirt and pants combo with white paint. If there’s no time for that, however, lay out the same black shirt and pants and use Scotch tape to form the skeleton. Use face paint to complete your costume.


For an adult, a silver skirt, a tan or burrito-colored top, and a felt collar accessory with lots of green and a dash of red and orange here and there will be enough to make a DIY burrito costume.


The Queen of Hearts is an interesting costume. All you need is a long red dress and a deck of cards stapled to a big piece of paper collar. 


Ghost Costume

A no-sew ghost costume sounds like the perfect spooky costume idea, but when using a white sheet of fabric, how do you keep it in place? This seems to be the challenge for many people, because you can’t simply put a white fabric on top of the head and expect it to stay in place the entire time. 

The answer is super simple: get an unused cap and glue the fabric on its top. Next you draw holes where the eyes should be and cut them out. Easy!  


Make a rainbow for your little one to wear. Use construction papers in pretty rainbow colors and cut a cardboard box to form the rainbow. Paste the construction papers on the cardboard box and viola! You may then use ribbons so your little one can wear the costume.


What could be easier to put together than Little Red Riding Hood’s outfit? Throw on a red hoodie over a white dress, put on some boots, and you’re doneーOh,don’t forget to bring a wicker basket!


Look out of this world in a fun alien-inspired DIY costume. Pair a bright neon dress with bright leggings, a sparkly silver dress with an equally sparkly headband, or do the bare minimum with a black hoodie. 

Kids can take this costume a step further with a neon unitard or a metallic one and an alien eyewear from dollar stores.


The mother of dragons wore so many envy-worthy outfits. Some of them are difficult to copy, unless of course you are willing to go to Amazon or Etsy to buy them. Thankfully, there are a few costumes that you may be able to DIY at home, with a little creativity and some YouTube tutorials.

One such outfit is Daenaery’s flowy all-white gown. Use a white silk fabric and wrap it around your body. Tie two ends around the neck or around a durable necklace or neck accessory (a copper wire or something similar may do the trick). Then cinch the waist with a wide brown belt.

Once you have the outfit down pat, it’s important not to forget the wigーyes, the wig. Unless you’re a platinum blonde, you need a wig to complete the Daenerys Targaryen look. 



Inspired by your farmhouse Halloween decor at home? Well, be a scarecrow!

Don a pair of overalls over your favorite plaid shirt and use a few accessories like patches sewn or taped on the overalls, straws and a sunflower tucked in the pockets, and a floppy hat.

If overalls are not your thing, no worries. Wear your favorite jeans and strap in some suspenders, and you’re good to go.


Now don’t balk at the idea of a Lego DIY Halloween costume. Trust us, it’s easy and affordable to make, especially if you’re going for a brick Lego costume.

All you need are pieces of cardboard, cut according to your desired size; plastic cups, which you will cut in half and glue to the cardboard; spray paint in blue, red, yellow, or green; straps or ribbons; and solid colored shirts.

After cutting the plastic cups in half, you glue them to the cardboard using hot glue. When all the plastic cups are in place, you spray paint them. Then fasten the straps or ribbons at the back of the cardboard.

Wear a shirt to match the color of your Lego brick, so the colors should be blue, red, yellow, or green. That simple.


A Holly Golightly Halloween costume is a tad too predictable if you ask us一unless you let your kid wear it then it instantly becomes adorable.

If your little girl does not have a little black dress of her own, lend her one of your black tops and cinch it at the waist with a black belt. A pair of black sunglasses, black gloves, a string or two of faux pearls, and of course a sassy updo should finish off the look. 

 Did we say simple, easy-to-make, and affordable DIY Halloween costumes?

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