October 06, 2020

Like most of the much-anticipated events this year, Halloween may be different for some of us. Trick or treating, for instance, may even be discouraged or prohibited in some places while, in others, strict social distancing may be enforced. 

If the thought of social distancing on sidewalks sounds unappealing to you, surely, you’re not alone. Halloween is fun because of the treats, yes, but most importantly because kids and kids at heart can easily mingle with one another in their craziest or spookiest costumes. Human interaction is a major part of Halloween, just like in many other annual events. 

Skipping Halloween this year, however, is out of the question, so it’s time to be creative and ensure that everybody still gets the chance to have fun. Thankfully, there are lots of fun and family-friendly alternatives to trick or treating. We rounded up a few of them to help you and your family make the most of this season, but for starters, take the time to spruce up your home. 

Halloween decorations help you feel the spirit (no pun intended!) of the season. From Halloween wooden door decor signs, jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkins, to makeshift witches and skeletons in your front yardーall these and more make Halloween the special time that it is. 

Get everyone in the family to pitch in and decorate your home according to everyone’s taste. Spruce up your front porch and spook up your kitchen and get everyone to say “Boo!” Now for other exciting activities, here are a few you should never miss out.


halloween time

Bring the fun indoors with a family-only game night. If you have a family favorite board game, now is the perfect time to challenge family members once again. It’s not a bad idea to explore a new game altogether too as long as everyone has an awesome time.  

Don’t forget to prepare treat bags to serve as prizes of course. And lots of food and drinks too!


Prepare for a scary movie marathon at home. Make the popcorn and get comfortable to watch a movie or two or three, but not just any movie of course. It should be a certified scary one.

If you have little ones, check for movie ratings and always choose age-appropriate Halloween movies. This shouldn’t be difficult at all as there are so many choices you can choose from. 


halloween party

What’s Halloween without stories of ghosts, monsters, princesses, and many more? Don’t miss out on the spooky fun even when you do decide to stay in. Why not build a bonfire and exchange spooky stories while roasting s’mores?  

If your space is limited, however, gather in the living room, family area, or den and turn off the lights, leaving just a few for drama. See if that and your spooky stories don’t scare anyone.


Take inspiration from the Easter egg hunt and hide some yummy treats to create a scavenger hunt around the house. Everyone should wear their Halloween costumes to make this activity more fun. 

Kids love solving mysteries, so leave clues in different locations. Make puzzles or a guessing game with your clues. Before you know it, everyone will have a trick-or-treat bag full of goodies, just as if they went trick-or-tricking around the neighborhood.


halloween crafts

Sometimes carving pumpkins and sprucing up your home aren’t enough creative outlets.

Kids naturally want to tinker with their hands and create whatever catches their fancy, which is an awesome way to enhance their creativity and develop fine motor skills. 

That said, making arts and crafts is a great alternative when you can’t or won’t go out trick-or-treating. Leading up to Halloween, get enough materials for everyone. Materials like yarns, buttons, adhesives, different types and colors of paper, fabric, boards, and more should be readily available for the family.  

You can do individual projects or a big family project. Either way, encourage children to join . Give them tasks and give them props for every task they complete.


If house-to-house trick-or-treating sounds unsafe to you, be glad there is such a thing as trunk or treatーand it is quite a treat, especially when you have to mind your distance from other people. 

Usually done in a parking space of a church or a charitable institution, and roped off to secure the parameter, kids and their adult companions are free to roam around and check out car trunks for some treats. The idea, of course, is just like trick-or-treating but without going door to door.

It’s fun to collect Halloween candies and chocolates but even more so when you fill your own car’s trunk with Halloween decorations and goodies to make other people feel good about the occasion. 

Creating a scary trunk full of sweets and treats should be a fun activity for the family, so make the most of it and prepare to wow neighborhood trunk-or-treaters. 


halloween treats

Who’s up for some tasty treats?

Head over to the kitchen and whip up some mouth-watering Halloween food party. From simple and affordable food to spectacular treats, there are recipes you can cook or bake with the family.  Don’t forget Halloween staples like caramel apples, candies, toasted pumpkin seeds, carrot cake and cupcakes. 


halloween costumes and party

Our idea of a costume party starts the moment you come down for breakfast until late into the night. Yes, that’s right. Pretend you are your favorite character and live one day in their shoes! How cool is that? 

Take out the trash in your Maleficent costume, take care of your elvin kids, and let Daddy, in his Willy Wonka attire, take the family on a short drive around the neighborhood. I’ll probably be a little challenging for the adults, but kids will absolutely love the idea. 

Here’s a tip for mom and dad: DIY some simple and wearable costumes that won’t break the bank. There are loads of tutorials you can learn from 


Start a new family tradition by making a talent show where every member of the family is encouraged to showcase what they are good at and what they want to do. It could be a ballet performance if you have a little ballerina at home, a song number, or storytelling. 

Mom and Dad are not excused from the talent show. They too should be game to have fun with the family.

Those are just a few alternative ideas to have fun on Halloween. We can’t wait to hear about your Halloween soon!

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