July 13, 2020

Summer never fails to excite all of us. The change in temperature makes for extended time for outdoor activities, the perfect opportunity to flock to the beach or camp up the mountains, and to-die-for grilled dishes. 

As far as your home is concerned, summer is also the perfect time to upgrade your home decor. An upgrade will not only transform your space, but more importantly, it will give you an instant energy boost, making you will feel good from the inside. 

We’re not thinking of major home renovations but simple hacks that won’t break the bank. Try these ingenious ideas to transform your home into the perfect summer oasis.


Invite as much light into your home as possible, so ditch heavy drapes and valances and pull up the blinds. Instead, use light, flowy curtains made of see-through materials. They are affordable and, with proper care, will last you many, many summers. 

For a luxurious vibe, go for white curtains. They look perfect against any background and will instantly enlarge a space. 

A word of caution: burglars and thieves favor the summer months too. According to FBI statistics, burglaries happen more in summer—and in broad daylight—when homeowners often leave windows and sliding doors wide open. 

Remember to secure every entry point at night or when you step out of the house. Also, if you live in an easily accessible place or burglary-prone area, consider window bars or grills, which you can customize to suit your design preferences. For more practical tips, read up on our helpful tips for property security.


beach wooden signHere’s one accessory that captures what we love most about summer—the beach! A laidback hanging wooden beach sign like this from the Honey Dew Gifts collection is spot-on. It’s a nod to the blue of the summer sky and the beach—no wonder it’s a best seller. 

 Hanging decorative signs come in so many different designs and sizes. There are inspirational ones and even funny ones. Get one or more that you can mix and match with other wall decors.


DIY paper decor

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors because color adds visual interest to a space. If bold colors are not for you, go for soft pastels. And there’s no need to repaint the entire house. Repaint one wall to serve as an accent, choose an eye-catching wallpaper, or indulge in arts and crafts and make colorful accessories.


Flour sack kitchen towels cost less than twenty bucks apiece, but we can’t overemphasize how important they are in the kitchen no matter what season it is. It’s important to replace those that are dirty beyond washing, foul-smelling, and just generally icky.

Make it a habit to regularly replace your kitchen towels so you don’t inadvertently spread germs on your counters, your dishes and glassware, and even your little one’s fingers.

Choose printed kitchen towels to add more personality to your kitchen and definitely absorbent cotton ones. Your hands will thank you for its softness


colorful throw pillows

Cozy pillows and throws can spruce up a plain-looking seating area or a bed and transform it into an inviting haven, but when not done right, they can also feel space-consuming and overwhelming. The trick is to use the right number of pillows with the right sizes. 

Generally, the rule of odd-numbered decors still apply to throw pillows, so three or five, depending on the size of your seating area, will look more natural than even-numbered ones.

Now for the perfect summer touch, get throws in beautiful colors that complement the color scheme of your home. The color or colors should seamlessly blend in so you don’t strain your eyes.


lanai decor

We love a deck with plush seating where everyone can gather around at night for stargazing or storytelling. If you can build a fire pit for roasting s’mores, that would be even better but, if that’s not possible, bring out the candles, lanterns, and string lights and stay outside well into the night. 

For an outdoorsy dining experience, there’s no need to head to a resto as you can easily set up a low-maintenance dining area in your own deck or patio. 

Use wooden benches to add a rustic country element to your setup and keep your essentials—a pitcher of ice-cold water or lemonade, extra plates and glassware—within easy reach in a rolling bar cart.


nautical inspiration playroom

 Don’t miss to upgrade your nursery or playroom. Infuse it with colors and patterns. A nautical-themed room, with bits of red and blue, is a timeless classic that makes for a fun and clean look for a tot.

Mermaid-inspired decorations never fail to wow older girls while older boys may prefer cowboys, native Indians, and superheroes

Colorful themed decors are pretty to look at, but more than design aesthetic, they benefit kids as well as they help enhance creativity and sharpen the senses. 


bright kitchen

As the heart of the home, the kitchen must be kept in excellent shape, so regular general cleaning will pay off big time. 

Does so much visual clutter feel overwhelming? Do it one step at a time: remove decors from the previous season, check the pantry for expired ingredients and throw them out, thoroughly clean backsplash and counters, and throw in summer accessories to breathe new life to the kitchen. 

A basket of fresh citrus, apples, and limes works like a charm every time. Fresh flowers are always welcome too. The goal is a bright and airy kitchen with pops of color and the smell of delicious cinnamon buns mixed with the unmistakable excitement of summer. 

These summer decorating ideas are easy and affordable, so don’t waste anymore time and make the most of your home this summer season.

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