July 10, 2020

Spending the weekends and special holidays with the family and your pets always feels much better than being anywhere else. To make every family get-together more fun and enjoyable, focus on creating a safe and healthy home environment. A home interior that is full of clutter leaves no space for family-time and causes accidents.

According to the ‘Journal on Environmental Psychology”, disorganization and clutter have a strong negative impact on self-reported well-being and on feelings of security and safety. This only goes to show that a home will only feel like one when it provides a safe place, not only emotionally, but also physically.

Practice these 5 easy decluttering steps to get your home organized and functional for family time activities.

Rearrange your Furniture

Neatly organized living room

Any room in your house can look crowded if the furniture and appliances are not properly arranged. You will be amazed to see how moving a couch to a corner can change the overall appearance and feel of your living room or bedroom. Smart furniture arrangement is an easy and no-cost way to redesign any space; all you need is to dedicate some time and effort to get it done.

If you do not have any idea how to properly arrange your furniture, choosing a focal point will help you to get started. A focal point is a prominent design element in a room; it can be a built-in fireplace, artwork, or a window. Once you have identified a focal point in a room, it will be much easier to arrange your furniture around it. Bonus point: your designer friends will notice what you have done and will be proud of you.

For the purpose of room functionality, consider the traffic flow in a room when positioning your chairs, tables, and bookshelves. You do not want every corner of the house to look very busy so that it starts to become a complete nuisance when moving around. Always set a few inches between furniture and clear a path to avoid tripping accidents and damages to your heirloom pieces.

Sort your House Items

Sorting clutter & donating box

Decluttering makes room for items that matter, and that is what you should do with your interior space. Coming up with a sorting system when going through your house items in every room is an easy way to declutter.

The “Three Box Method” is a popular organization technique that most homeowners follow. This method lets you decide where each house item goes so that it stops adding up to the mess around. But first, you should gather three large boxes or storage bins labeled for keeping, for storage, and for donating or disposal.

For items you gather for disposal that are still in good condition, such as clothes, toys, appliances, or furniture, you can either recycle them for personal use, put on a garage sale to earn money, or donate them.

Hang House-Keeping Signs

house cleaning signs

Children tend to make a mess and you can spend the entire day cleaning after them. Teach your kids the value of cleaning at an earlier age by hanging house cleaning signs. Keeping it light-hearted, funny house cleaning signs are always a creative way to provide friendly reminders for family members to chip in with chores.

A study published by the University of Minnesota shows that assigning household chores to children at an early age helps them build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility, and self-reliance.

Hanging housekeeping signs that remind children to make their own bed or put their toys back to storage after playing will also help you reduce the clutter in your home.

There are plenty of housekeeping signs out there that you can buy at an affordable price. You can also create one on your own or order a custom-made sign to fit the color theme or design in the space where you are going to install it.

Invest in Storage Cabinets

People usually create a lot of clutter when they cannot find a particular item they are looking for in their home. Misplacing your baking equipment or favorite linens can lead to searching the wrong storage places and forget about putting all the items back in place. One effective remedy to this household situation is investing in interior storage cabinetry. 

Storage cabinets are essential in maintaining cleanliness and order in any space. Kitchens, for instance, can benefit a lot from cabinet installation because they are usually the busiest room in the house.

Installing cabinets can help reduce the amount of clutter by providing accessible and easy-to-use storage facilities for items that you frequently use and only bring out on certain occasions.

Today, the customization options for home cabinetry are endless. You can choose from multiple styles, colors, materials, and sizes to fit any of your household’s specific needs.

Practice Routine Cleaning

Father & son cleaning bathroom

Cleaning is essential for your family’s home safety. If some of your rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, are left uncleaned for a longe period of time, you will be inviting pests and insects to inhabit the inside of your home.

Neglecting your home cleaning duties can also cause the spread of diseases among your family members. You can help avoid such a troublesome situation in your household; start by encouraging your family members to practice daily or weekly routine cleaning. 

By creating a cleaning routine and letting every family member take part in the work, it will be much easier to maintain the cleanliness in your house and keep clutter away. Cleaning rooms after every use will prevent the build-up of dirt and dust and permanent stains on surfaces. With a 24/7 clean home, you will never have to worry about surprise visits from friends and relatives. 

Make your home the safest place on earth for your loved ones by keeping it healthy and clutter-free every single day. Home cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful or tiring, you can talk to your family and choose a method or schedule that works perfectly for everyone.

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