October 01, 2020

Weren’t you just looking for fun summer activities recently? Now here we are, getting ready to enjoy the best another season has to offer. Is it just us or do you also think the fall is made for both outdoor and indoor activities? We surely do, and we’re happy to share a list of our favorite budget friendly fall activities for families.

To get you in the mood, we suggest you start decorating your space for the fall. Of course, there’s no need to go beyond what you’re willing to spend. A hanging wooden door fall sign for example, is perfect to welcome the season to your home. There are lots of lovely, affordable, and easy-to-clean hanging wooden signs. 


High on our list is visiting a pumpkin patch. After all, what’s the season like without a pumpkin or pumpkins? Pumpkins are staples for the fall, and visiting a pumpkin patch is a great family activity that doesn’t break the bank. 

Make this an annual family tradition that you and the rest of the family will look forward to. Most pumpkin farms have various fun activities that your family can join in. Better call the farm of your choice and ask for their scheduled activities. You might even watch or join in the pumpkin harvest. 


Halloween Front Yard decorations

It’s fine to go all out spooky or crazy when it comes to decorating for the fall. Start from your front yard with a fun theme, like farm-inspired complete with makeshift scarecrows, wagons full of mum, and bales of hay. 

Pumpkins in different sizes and colors, as well as Jack-o’-lanterns that line up leading from the sidewalk to your front door never go out of style, especially when you throw in seasonal flowers to the mix. 

Ask your family to pitch in from conception to the actual decorating. To help you get started, here are some creative ways to decorate for fall at home


Kids At Fall Festival


If you don’t want to miss the fall festivals this year, by all means head to the closest one in your area, but do remember to follow safety measures at all times.  

Depending where you’re located, there are pumpkin shows, wine and chile fiesta, apple festivals full ofーguess whatーapple treats, pumpkin towers and pumpkin food court, scarecrow villages, Jack-o’-lantern displays, etc.

You can expect a fun-filled day in festivals, especially when there are rides and food involved. 


If you’re not keen on spending a day around people outside your immediate circleーwhich is absolutely understandable and acceptableーwhy not enjoy the outdoors with just your family? 

Enjoy Mother Nature at her finest by camping. The cool fall atmosphere is perfect for this. Bundle up and head to a nearby lake, mountain park, or a wooded area. Don’t forget your s’mores, hot chocolate or apple cider, and your sense of adventure.  


The changing colors of the foliage this season is a yearly treat most of us anticipate with much excitement. It is a show, a display of raw beauty beyond compare. Now that it’s here, sit outside, sip some warm apple cider, and enjoy the show. 

If you have kids, however, lounging around and observing nature may not sound fun at all, so let them gather as many unique leaves as possible while you take lots of pictures of them in action too.

While you’re outside, look for piles of leaves and jump on them. It will surely bring back good memories of your childhood, and if it’s your child’s first time, it’ll be fun watching you act like a kid too. 


Hiking during Fall season

Hiking is a great exercise no matter what season it is, but during fall, it’s undoubtedly an awesome experience because of the burst of color and smell all around. 

Take up a familiar trail or, if you’re feeling adventurous, discover new ones, but always with safety precautions in mind. 


Alternatively, we love scenic drives to get a whiff of fresh, cool air and to indulge our sense of sight. Drive through a scenic route and make stops whenever, wherever you want. If you pack a small picnic basket, this will make a perfect opportunity for a picnic. 

Also, find a pumpkin farm that is far from where you live and drive all the way there with the rest of the family. The scenic drive will do wonders to you and the kids. 


No sense wasting precious time. As early as now, plan your family’s coordinated Halloween costumes. The more time you have, the more options and resources you can explore. There’s a possibility that trick-or-treating may look a bit different this year (like social distancing kind of different), but don’t let that dampen your Halloween spirit (no pun intended!).


Candy Apples

Stay indoors and get busy in the kitchen with the whole family. There are many favorite fall dishes, but candy apples and pumpkin puree are well-loved by kids so be sure to include those in your menu. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to prepare a meal that the whole family will enjoy. Whether you’ll have guests or it’s just you and your immediate family doesn’t matter. Prepare a spread that everyone will enjoy.

Plan your dishes ahead of time and ensure you have all the ingredients that you need. Assign every family member their own task or tasks to make them feel good about contributing to your family day and to get things done quickly.


Get warm and prepare your story marathon. Kids naturally love to hear stories about their loved ones (and about their younger selves too!), so tell them your adventures and misadventures. 

This family activity is not just easy to check off your list, but it’s also a great way for your kids to get to know you even more. Make sure you let them share their own stories too. Kids have wild imagination so enjoy their show.

 Those are easy and budget-friendly family activities for the fall that are guaranteed to help you enjoy the season even more. Don’t forget to say a prayer or two for the bountiful harvest of the season and the year. Let’s remember that there’s always something to be grateful forーalways.

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